Level 1 Certification (online)

Goddess For Life mentor / coach certification:
Level 1 (Online Course)

This is the online course version of the training accreditation to become a “Goddess For Life” mentor for women.

Introduction, Skills and Tools, Processes & FUNdamentals

Hi Anita,

I can hardly believe I downloaded the GFL Coaching Certification materials less than a month ago. I’ve already had amazing results in life & biz, including an overall sense of being in my feminine power in a more consistent manner.

Plus I’ve already gotten 5 new coaching clients! I’m elated!

Alex Alessandra,
Women’s Holistic Therapist + Coach

life coach certification online course for training

Energy Exchange

The energy exchange to earn your coach certification Level 1 is a one-off fee of $495 for online course training.

(Psssst. Want it for half-price? Instructions below!)


  1. coach certification "Goddess For Life" level 1 online course“Register” and pay the training fee, below. Your training materials will appear in your download manager upon payment. As simple as that!


You will be provided with the following training materials:

  1. Coach’s manual.
  2. Eight x mp3 files containing each module’s content
  3. Additional templates, scripts, background reading resources and tons of handouts

Modules covered are:

  • Structure, objectives and outcomes of the certification course including code of ethics
  • Overview of the skill set we will learn and practice;
  • Introduction to the range of tools included in the Goddess For Life coaching program;
  • Skill 1: Rapport Development
  • Skill 2: Easy-peasy Motivation
  • Skill 3: Great Questions
  • Skill 4: Success Statements
  • Skill 5: Action Planning
  • Tool 1: Pre-interview Template
  • Tool 2: Initial Interview Questionnaire
  • Tool 3: Goddess Power Tools
  • Tool 4: Templates, Scripts and Handouts
  • Conduct the pre-interview and assess the results;
  • Conduct the first interview and create a personal vision statement;
  • Work with your “client” to lock-in the first 30-day action plan;
  • Map out our own schedule to follow-up with the client at regular times by mutual agreement;
  • Create a marketing plan for implementing Goddess For Life coaching in your own practice.
$495.00 (Incl. GST %)
How many ?

Have you  Read the MOU yet?

If so, proceed to "Enrol Now" and your materials will be delivered immediately. You will be able to download them from your download manager immediately upon payment.


Mentor / Coach Certification Level 1

Level 1 certification will give you the confidence to be a mentor for women, using proven tools and systems that foster women’s wellbeing.

You will be equipped with theory, skills, tools and processes as a basis on which to start you own mentoring practice. Check the “Course Content” tab to read more.

Who makes a great mentor?

Being a “Goddess For Life” mentor is best suited to life coaches, mentors, career coaches, fitness and health trainers, and small business service providers who are seeking to inspire other women in their life as part of their living.

This accreditation is another specialisation to add to an existing professional portfolio.

Mothers and teachers can also use these techniques to help build teenage girls’ self-esteem and clarity.

Training Format

I offer training and certification via:

Face to face:

  • a two-day hands-on workshop and practicum;
  • a manual including scripts, templates, worksheets and handouts;
  • ongoing Skype sessions to maintain enthusiasm, address any concerns, provide support, and share developments.


  • Coach’s manual;
  • Eight x mp3 files containing each module’s content;
  • Additional templates, scripts, background reading resources and tons of handouts.


To be eligible for the certification program you will ideally:

  • have attended and completed the three-day “Sacred & Savvy Goddess” retreat or workshop series;
  • share a vision of women’s self-empowerment and actualisation via connection with the authentic Self – the “inner goddess”;
  • have a desire to action this vision using proven techniques for measurable results;
  • be qualified in a modality such as Life Coaching and/or Neuro Linguistic Programming


Journal and favourite pens or markers
Existing business and/or marketing plans
Networking tools such as flyers and business cards


To successfully get your certificate and become registered as a Certified “Goddess For Life” Mentor and Coach (Level 1) you will be required to complete the formal assessment elements:

  1. Written and delivered homework;
  2. Passed an exam (relax, it’s no more than 15 minutes!)
  3. Proven how you will implement your marketing plan by way of an action plan.

At the completion of the certification course, you will be handed your certificate!

As well as confidence & credibility, You will also get:

  • Wholesale pricing on all Goddess-ence and Chakra Essentials range, — that’s 40% off!
  • a follow-up one-on-one session with Anita to ensure a smooth transition into your new role.

In signing up for this certification program it is understood you have read and agreed to the Memo Of Understanding.

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Read the Memo Of Understanding (the MOU)  before ordering your online course. The discount code is hidden in there! (Hint: it’s at the end!) Simply enter the code at the register to get 50% off your training fee!



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