Lies and misconceptions – at last, the truth!

girl in hair rollersWhat exactly is goddess? This is as complex a question as time is old. The simple answer is that every woman is goddess. Every action, thought, projection of self, and treatment of others is a reflection of the goddess within.

The more complex answer involves reconnecting with goddess energy, and learning to implement it in our daily lives. It helps to first dispel some of the common misconceptions. 

Misconception: “I have to wear tie-die to believe in the goddess”.

Truth: Not true! Nor do you need to have hairy legs and armpits to qualify. You do, however, need to honour your inner goddess by dressing and grooming in the best manner that will radiate your gorgeous inner self. If this means lipstick and red hair dye, or a power suit, or a flowing dress, then listen to your instinct, and dress accordingly. If you’re comfortable in your own skin, you’ll be at the centre of balance when interacting with other people.

Misconception: “Only the Elle McPhersons of this world are real goddesses.”

Truth: Yes, Elle is a goddess too, but being goddess is not just about external appearance or conditioned prejudices. Elle is so beautiful because it shines from within. She smiles with a natural glow and she lets the camera see into her soul through her eyes. She is mother, friend, lover, daughter — just like millions of other goddess gals walking this earth. Remember this next time you say good morning to your colleagues — wish them a genuine greeting when you see them each morning and watch the mood lighten and lift around you.

Misconception: “I need to have a poverty consciousness to believe in the goddess”.

Truth: Abundance is good, (greed is not), whether it be material, esoteric, emotional or otherwise. We are allowed to ask for and receive whatever we want, providing it is not for selfish reasons. Your wish must be for the greatest good of all. On a professional level, this means you can aim high for you and your company, achieving healthy profits from which everyone can benefit.

Misconception: “Pagan women bite chickens’ heads off at midnight” and other such myths.

Truth: Myths like these were started many centuries ago by misogynists ignorant and afraid of the dynamics an energised group of women could generate. Dancing, drumming or performing rituals at the full moon is one example of how a group of women can increase primal goddess energy and achieve balance, inner wisdom and strength. Likewise, the same group energy can be created at work by taking a moment to reconnect with your energy source and sharing this with your colleagues. Whether on a professional level (such as praising a team-mate’s efforts), or on a more personal level, (such as taking a minute to find out why a team-mate looks tired, or happy or bored), creates good vibrations that in turn promotes growth and a healthy work environment.

Misconception: “I have to become a hippy-dippy and chant ‘ohm’ at every opportunity”.

Truth: Well, you can if you want to, but how will this get your work done? Being goddess is more about being in tune with oneself, being able to recognise threatening situations and respond rationally and calmly. It is being able to trust your instinct and act with confidence. It is being conscious of the goddess’ energy and vibrations with us throughout our day helping us stay balanced in times of duress thereby helping those around us keep their heads too!

Nowadays, we are fortunate to have the freedom to explore spirituality ourselves — the pressure to accept the implied limitations of one’s past is reduced. We are allowed to build whatever life we want for ourselves, despite a damaging past, education, or social conditioning. It simply requires a decision to live life with intention, to make conscious choices in all aspects of your life that will let you respect the goddess within — yourself.

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