Limited Edition Print: Free to Be Goddess

$222.00 (Incl. GST %)
How many 47x47cm (18.5x18.5")?


"Free to Be, Goddess" represents the fun, free and fantastic feminine divine within every woman. I've got the square canvas hanging at my farmhouse and it never fails to attract comment (from guys and gals alike) about positive body image and the act of being true to the wild diva within.

"Free to Be, Goddess" is not only the fun-spirited woman dancing across the pages of this website, but she also stars on the cover of The Goddess Guide to Chakra Vitality.

Everyone I meet just loves loves LOVES the image on the cover. (Even my 76-year-old father-in-law exclaimed, "nice nipple!" when he saw it! lol)

When people see the book they pick it up and gush, "oooooh, that is what a REAL woman looks like!" They'll call their husband over and say "see, big butts are SEXY". They'll hold the book in the air and yell out to their friends, "I wish I looked this good running naked through a field of tulips!" They get very excited that someone is being REAL about women's bodies.

Now you can celebrate the fun and freedom there is to be had in embracing curves and frivolity with your own limited edition numbered and signed print.

Prints come unframed so you can choose the best frame to suit your decor. They are printed on Giclée Acid-Free Cotton Canvas (museum grade) so they will last a lifetime + more.

Prints come in the generous size of 18.5 inches square, and there are only 250 prints available.

Buy your 47cm2 (18.5x18.5") print: AUD $333 while stocks last.


I will cry when I receive my painting. Her free spirit, frolicking, yet a woman who knows who she is and won't settle for anything less. She is free but she is centered. That's what I feel when I look at her. Much love and respect to you, Marsha

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