Love is like jello… a lesson in finding your soul mate

fall in self-love to find true loveA couple of years ago, I was having an e-chat with a fellow author, Jean-Claude Koven, when he told me about how his partner manifested their relationship through ritual and intent. He was amazed that one woman could be so powerful! I couldn’t help but smile – any woman who steps into her power is the essence of the Universe’s magnificence. I know this because it happened to me too.

My personal process involved taking my HUGE list of desirable qualities I wanted in a partner, and boiling it down into five key qualities. It took me six months to filter the most important aspects down from 300 random scrawls into the five fundamental aspects that would deliver me my perfect mate. I eventually came up with Masculine, Intelligent, Grounded, Passionate and Available (after reluctantly releasing Adonis, Humorous and Affluent).

I waited another year, meditating and affirming daily that a mate who personified these key aspects would be knocking on my door any minute. I remained positive and absolutely certain that the Universe would deliver me my mate, but by the end of a year, began to lose patience until eventually, I threw the list away.

I was washing my dishes one afternoon (a novel experience – I don’t normally do this on purpose), quite lost in thought, watching the view, watching my son playing in the living room, when, I had a moment…

I realised that I was completely happy with who and what I was. I started laughing that I had thrown my list out – why was I looking for a “soul-mate” when I had it within all this time?

Then, as soon as I released my expectations and embraced my Self fully as a being whole unto herself, along came my man. We have now been married for 4.5 years, and still affirming and loving each other as strongly as our wedding day.

The message for me, therefore, is that love is like jello – the more you try and hold onto it, the more it squeezes out of your grasp. The minute I released my grip on this “list” and my expectations, opportunity fell into my open palms.

~ Anita Revel, as published in Living Now Magazine

I invite you to offer your little gems… When / How did you meet your soul mate? What life lesson did you learn in the process? Which goddess do you connect with to tap into self-love? Log-in to comment!

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