Lucy Cavendish: sacred balance and healing

lucy cavendish in the parkAuthor, witch, and all round good gal, Lucy Cavendish wrote about her five fave elements: earth, air, fire, water and spirit, for us last year. She returns to Western Australia every year for the annual Wild Woman Weekend. 


Thankyou for this support and love, Anita — it really uplifts me to know we girls are out there, etherically holding each others’ hands.

My love for Her

Was when I was very, very little, before I could speak, I spent a lot of time gazing at the moon. I knew she was feminine, and I knew she was magic, and I knew in my heart that she was my friend and companion for this journey. I could see her from my bedroom window, and I had amazing experiences astral-traveling to meet her, and the beings of the moon, when I was tiny! So tiny that when I looked back, I could see my etheric chord attached to my body sleeping on the bed…with my nappies on. Of course, my astral body also had nappies! I knew she was in every flower, in every tree, in ever blade of grass, every drop of water and whisper of wind. Fire was Her fire, and I loved being alive so much. I was one of those little ones who climb trees and stay in them all day, singing the songs of the wind and the stars.

My Goddess awakening

This relationship with the Goddess became stronger the older I became. When I began talking, I would talk to the moon and began to call her Diana…I began to read mythology and fairy tales from all over the planet at a very young age, so when I learned that Diana was the name the Romans had given the Goddess of the Moon, I actualy had one of those moments when you are awe-struck. I had been calling her that all along, from the time I could speak, and now I knew it was one of her names! There was never any questio of “believeing” in the Goddess…she was apparent in all things.

I went to a very small girls Catholic school in the bush, and became very attached to a wooden carved statue of Mother Mary. I loved her very much, and would place offerings of wildflowers at her feet. She was by a window, and light would stream in behind her, and I would often stop, wait for all my classmates to pass me, and then have a quiet moment or word with Her. I felt she was so compassionate and beautiful, and very kind. I did not see her as Jesus’ mother, but as the absolute essence of female. To me, she was Her, and I loved her very much.

I went on to paint Goddess figures, the “Marys” were my subject, as was Aphrodite (who can help all adolescent girls struggling with their body image and sexuality) and Diana, and interestingly, Mary Queen of Scots, Morgan of Avalon and Guenevere… however, as I felt the oppressions of Churchism gather strongly around me, my love for Her grew, and a kind of estrangement occurred with me and the energy of Mary as I connected strongly to the outcast Goddesses who the Church seemed to fear so strongly. It was very sad for me, as I loved the Saints…who I then learned were in fact Goddesses and what others would call witches. Brigid…Joan of Arc…I stopped painting Mary, as the feeling of rejection by the Churches institutions grew, but I always loved her.

In my rock and roll years, I adored the Goddess through the form of wild and free rock stars…I became a rock journalist in London, simultaneously writing about tarot, and through the tarot deepening my love for the Goddess. The tarot is so embedded with the Goddess – the Moon card (Diana, Artemis, Isis) the Empress (Aphrodite, Guenevere – who is the Celtic White Goddess of the land…not the helpless child-woman the myths have made her out to be), the Lovers (the Goddess and the God in rapture together) and the Star (Ishtar!). I can’t talk about the Goddess without also talking about my relationship with The God – the wild, beautiful masculine Pan, Ceres, Cernunnos and Chiron and Thoth, which I also revere and recognise. When we are together, the Goddess and the God, the planet actually experiences healing at a very deep level.

Through my work with the craft, I learned more and more, and now I feel so strongly connected, because I know that I am Goddess, as you are, too. Last year, in Glastonbury, England, said to be the 3-D home of Avalon, I stayed in a very cosmic hotel, and found myself very drawn to staying in the Rhiannon room . (I love her wild, free nature – again, a love forged in adolescence – many girls connect with her during their “horse” or saddle club phase – they’re connecting with Rhiannon). I asked for her, but the only room left was the Mary room. Meaning that the entire week I was working at the Goddess temple, I was staying in the room with Mary’s energy, healing my relationship with her, understanding that she had always been with me. Healing my relationship with her, and with Christ, was truly powerful for a witch mourning her connection with this Ascended Master!

Travel is so healing for us all: I make pilgrimages. To Glastonbury, to Stonehenge, to Avebury, to Angkor in Cambodia this year. I recently spent time in Vietnam connecting with the unique Goddess and mermaid energy in under the rising full moon in Ha Long (Descending Dragon) Bay, and in Cambodia, connecting with Lakshmi, Durga and the amazing Goddess energy of the Apsara and of their mermaids, the Marchai at the ancient and mysterious temples of Angkor…

The wounded Goddess in all of us women and men yearns to be healed. But I also know that if we kill the God inside of us, and if we reject him externally, we cannot heal, and our love and our light dims.

Therefore, I ask of you all to bring to life again your Goddess, and the God too. With both these beautiful beings alive within us all, we and the planet can heal. We will cease the horror of warring within, and warring with each other. We will heal, and be in bliss.

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