“Magic-Pill-One-Hit-Wonder” one-hour, one-on-one Skype call

$300.00 (Incl. GST %)
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The "Magic Pill One-Hit Wonder" program is for the goddess who has an itch but she doesn't know how to scratch it…

We will connect via Skype for one hour (or so), and together will take a 4-step approach to bringing you clarity and an action plan.

Name it! I will help you become conscious of what it is that is causing the itch;

Blame it! You will acknowledge the cause, forgive it, and gain clarity for possibilities beyond it!

Claim it! Now that the stoopid itch has been identified, we can get excited! What's next for you? Here we can use a combination of earthy wisdom and heavenly divination. We use whatever tools are necessary to help you fully align yourself to your own desire for happiness.

Bring it! Let's make an action plan! Not a vision board or a map quest, and not just pie in the sky flights of feathers and fancy, but practical, tangible and achievable goals that require some left-brain logic and all your heart.

What you will need

* A Skype connection
* An hour away from the kids and other interruptions
* Your journal and favourite writing tools
* Your favourite oracle cards or divination tools
* An open mind and heart

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