Permission to prosper

girl living her dream and loving itAs you know, I make a living offering support via life coaching services, and making “power tools” available to women. Now, have a guess what the #1 reason women gave for unsubscribing to my old newsletter service?

… “Advertising”

This attitude scares me, because it’s a woman telling me I don’t deserve to make a living doing that which I love. 

Goddess sisters, don’t you know that every single one of us deserves to make a living from her passion? If you are not living, loving and laughing each day, what are you doing?

Making a living from that which you love, which strikes the chords of your heart and fires the song in your throat, is the most wonderful act of self-love. It’s the most beautiful way to honour your divine purpose. And if you’re really lucky, it’s the single-most rewarding way to earn abundance.

Now, being transparent here, I do need to advertise my beautiful products and services through this newsletter. Sadly, ISPs, web-hosts, service providers and electrical companies don’t accept karmic coins as payment 😉

That aside, each year I pump $20,000 of my own earnings into this service in order to see it grow and reach the women who need to connect with the messages. I don’t count the $20,000 out of my pocket as a loss. I count it as an investment in the world-wide return of balance, love and self-honouring acts by women.

So if you’re ever tempted to complain about “product placement” in free newsletters or web-sites around the world, stop for a moment… what limiting belief prevents you from living your passion, and from supporting a goddess sister in her quest to live hers?

I’m not the only one who is tired of poverty consciousness

I sent the above note as a letter to my Inner Goddess members… to say it pushed a few buttons too would be an understatement. The weariness of a poverty consciousness is a sentiment held by thousands. Here is just some of the feedback that came pouring in:

* Ignore those eejits who moan, fek them… if they weren’t moaning about advertising then they’d moan about something else… you’re not a nun, you haven’t taken a vow of poverty.  So go sister! Earn your living doing what you love and don’t let them get you down, they’re jealous. ~ Karen

* I agree with you entirely – living your life and honouring what you really want to do is magnificent, but it is always going to require advertising! ~ Demelza

* I think what you are doing is great and I believe that you do make a difference. I too, am proudly investing in my own talents and passions and I know that it will pay off in the long run. ~ Selene

* Kudos for your recent editorial on marketing one’s own products and services. Of course it goes without saying that one’s spiritual and creative vision works hand-in-hand with marketing and selling of the product – ask any visual artist or writer!!!! These are valuable gifts we offer to the world. ~ Pegi

* I adore your hard work and admire the knowledge that you are doing something that you love and it rewards you in all aspects of your life socially, emotionally, spiritually and even financially. You even were able to connect your spiritual needs with your human needs. and that is one of the most rare things of all! ~ Aries

The professionals agree

In an interview with Mama Gena, author Barbara Stanny said,

I believe that every one of us has a destiny, a reason to be here. The goddess put us on this earth for a reason. You cannot be creative when you are in survival mode. You cannot be your full self when you are trying to figure out how to make ends meet. There is no better way to keep yourself from stepping into your true power than by keeping yourself financially dependent, financially irresponsible, financially intolerant.

Hear hear! And, as the Latin root for the word “wealth” comes from “well” (well-being), here is your permission slip to go out there and relish your well-being!

What is your passion?

In my line of work I come across thousands of women making a living from their passion. Are you one of them? Here’s your chance for a free shout-out via the comments box below.

It should go without saying, “please don’t spam”… Make your contribution meaningful and inviting. Let your authenticity shine through, and you’ll attract many more visitors than a bland old “hit and run”. Perhaps you could give us some background on how you got onto your path, what you find most rewarding, and/or tips for other women thinking of following their hearts.

Love, love, love, (and a kiss for every dollar this “Conversation with Goddess” generates, ha ha),

~ PerAnita Revel

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