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maria elita channelled the world's most beautiful crystal bedMaria Elita is the world’s first Psychic Life Coach and the creator of the world’s first Channelled Crystal Bed. She is an acclaimed writer, sharer and debater of spiritual beliefs. She is an international Psychic Presenter and the creator of the Manifesting Miracles Intensive. Yet she wasn’t any of this until she realised that first and foremost, she had nothing. 


Oh my Goddess! Being asked to be this month’s Aussie Goddess by the spectacular and gorgeous Goddess herself Anita Ryan made me feel like I was floating naked in a bath of Pink feathers and Rose petals. Wow! What an honour it is to be recognised for embracing feminine beauty and womanly influence.

Who Is Maria Elita?

I am a gal just like you; forever questing to live the feminine divine. I am enticed by the sacredness of all of which the Goddess represents as well as her strength and innate wisdom. With this in mind, my life took me on a journey of living as many of you would refer to as ‘The Fairytale’. Read on…

The Fairytale

I was married to a beautiful husband, three healthy children, I lived in a million dollar house, had a Whitsunday island holiday home, luxuries galore, a successful corporate job and all of this by the time I was 30. I truly had everything! Or so I thought. I was soon to find out that I had nothing.

I had created a wonderful, illusionary menagerie of belief systems that told me if I had the nice stuff, the man, the good job, and became the perfect housewife and mother, and smiled and looked pretty, that I would be forever happy.

The Kali Crash

The Goddess within taught me something much more profound when ‘the man’ left me for another woman and my ‘happily ever after’ belief bubble burst. Bang! In one shattering moment everything that I believed was true, was gone.

Then I went through the most amazing journey of my life. I call this period, ‘Endarkment’. I had a nervous breakdown (or breakthrough?), suffered deep depression, woke up each day with suicidal thoughts and I desperately wanted to stop being a mother.

Life (or my perception of life) literally came tumbling down on me. However I had this deep knowing that what I was going through was all divine. The Goddess within me, learnt to honour the dark, embrace her strength (without drugs) and metamorphosis into the True Me.

Lessons From Endarkment

Within my period of Endarkment, I reconnected with my spiritual gifts and I realised that life was the ultimate Miracle and everything, whether we labelled it as bad or good, was a Miracle. My calling had put me on a journey to now teach other Goddesses in waiting all that I had learned. I became Australia’s leading Psychic Life Coach and creator of the World’s first Channelled Crystal Bed. This is a far cry from Marketing and Public Relations within Corporate Australia!

Where Is Maria Now?

I truly have the most profound and pleasurable occupation of illuminating others to their own true calling. I now teach here and around the world, my intensive workshops entitled Manifesting Miracles (which is the name of my second book coming out soon).

My debut book, Observations of a Life Coached by Spirit (available at the Goddess Goodies Store) is a beautiful and inspirational piece of work that I am so proud to have put together. It truly reflects my observations of now living a life totally dedicated to spirit.

The Most Beautiful Thing

What is one of the most beautiful things about surrendering to Spirit and ultimately the Goddess within, is meeting the most amazing people. I am in love with the experiences and the Souls who I meet on this journey too. Anita is one of those special people who I want to share my pink feather, rose petal bath with. She is an inspiration and a creative Goddess genius. I love you Anita!

May you all manifest the most beautiful Miracles in your life and embrace blind faith in all that you do!

Love & Miracles!

Maria Elita X

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