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marketing for authors hit number 1 in kindle store within a week

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It’s a little known fact that it’s up to authors to market themselves and their books. Whether you are published via a mainstream publishing house, self-published or even working your way through your first manuscript, this friendly-to-use guide and workbook is essential for every author who wishes to forward-plan for prosperity.

Warning: only use this guide if you want to SELL YOUR BOOKS!

“How will you get the 10,000 customers? How will you get to number one on Amazon? And how on earth will you clear your spare room of all that stock?

The answer is with carefully planned marketing campaigns, a healthy dose of legwork, and a commitment to years of shameless self-promotion. While it’s not always easy, this guide gives your shortcuts and tools that will save you years and tears.”

Anita Revel and written and published 17 books, including marketing guides for various industries. Based on her own experience, the advice in this guide will help you plan your way to more sales with minimum fuss.

In this easy-to-use marketing guide you will:

  • Learn the most essential element of any marketing campaign that you must know before you even write your first word
  • Imagine the different options for re-formatting and presenting your book
  • Identify the main distribution options and which is right for you
  • Explore different promotional tactics
  • Learn how to set a fair and accurate price for your book
  • Begin your own, tailored marketing plan

A Note From the Author

As the author of this book, I have presented the content of this book as a two-hour workshop on many occasions. It has gone through a lot of fine-tuning based on feedback from course participants, until finally what you see here is a succinct, logically structured, easy to understand guide for all authors – aspiring, beginner or veteran!

Nine times out of 10, the aspiring author was not aware they have to do their own marketing, whether they are published via a traditional publisher or they are self-published. On average, only one out of 10 has started some sort of marketing – even if it’s just to post a line or two as their Facebook status. In all cases, however, the authors left the workshop with ideas for promotion spilling out of their notebooks, and enthusiasm to get started spilling out of their creative souls!

The book covers the essential aspects of putting together a marketing plan, covering:

  • WHO” you are going to sell your books to,
  • WHAT” is it you’ll be selling,
  • WHERE” you will be selling it,
  • HOW” you will be selling it, and
  • HOW MUCH” to charge. (I even explain how to set a price for your book – one of the hardest tasks facing any author!)

Table of Contents

First Things First
It’s Not “Why” You Write…
… It’s “Who” You Write For!
… And What, Where, How and How Much!
The Marketing Mud-Map
What Are You Selling?
What the Bookstores Are Looking For
Other Options For Your Book
How They Can Help You Sell Your Book
Where Are You Selling It?
Your Distribution Model
Offline Distribution
Online Distribution
The Secret to Getting to Number One on Amazon
How Are You Selling It?
Getting the Message Right
Promotional Tactics
Promotional Products
How Much Are You Charging?
Three Ways to Set Your Price
10 Ways to Promote Your Book for Free
Ready, Set, Launch!
Planning the Party – Some Theme Ideas
Marketing Your Launch
Bonus Chapter: Case Studies of Authors Who Are Doing Great Marketing

Bonus Chapters

    • How to Plan a Virtual Book Tour – no matter where you are in the world, as long as you have internet connection you can market yourself globally with a few clicks of the mouse.
    • Getting Organised To Write and Market Your Book
    • Case Studies: Authors Who Are Doing Great Marketing.

In the “Case Studies” chapter, authors share their favourite marketing tactic, the effectiveness of that tactic, ways to implement it, and how it sells more books. Contributing authors and their advice in this edition are:

    • Give Away Information Via Social Media – Joanna Penn
    • Make Yourself an Available Twit – John Birmingham
    • Focus Test Your Manuscript with Your Target Audience Prior to Publishing – Karen Tyrrell
    • Ask For Reviews – Steven Lewis
    • Think (and Behave) Like a Retailer – Carolyn Howard-Johnson
    • Merchandise to the Max – Serene Conneeley
    • Don’t Be Stingy! – Simon Haynes
    • Turn Market Research Into Great Content – Anne Hill
    • Think Local As Much As Global – Sara Foster

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