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Ancient Goddess, Modern Message

In the beginning, women were acknowledged and revered as the spiritual keepers. Pregnant women especially were enshrined, the gift of life being a sacred mystery.

Every culture globally knew and accepted the loving rule of the goddesses. Modern women are now “remembering” their rightful place in the world… you are here at this site after all!

During my own journey I have found it comforting and empowering to look to the goddesses’ myths and learn from their behaviours, attitudes and mindsets…

Over time I profiled more than 50 goddesses and explored ways in which they can inspire women forging their own paths many Centuries later. You will find the complete list here.

Inner Goddess

Who (or what!) is the Inner Goddess? 

Any woman who radiates her truth, her essence, her beauty and authentic Self is goddess! She is a direct reflection of the sacred divinity within.

A woman who knows and accepts herself on all levels is fully connected to her inner goddess.”

Our inner consciousness connects with different goddessy attributes at different times at work or play, in the mornings or evenings and through moon cycles. Each godess brings her essential energy to energise us through each stage.

When we recognise and harness the archetypal energy that is working within, and then let her shine with ease, we have successfully reconnected with our own Inner Goddess.

Goddess Rules

The inner goddess is a woman’s guiding light, her sense of self, and her moral and behavioural compass. She’s the force who enables a woman to enjoy life as a confident, capable, sacred and savvy human being…

How does a woman reconnect with her inner goddess?

One easy way is to acquaint yourself with the seven basic Goddess Rules, and adopt them as your “rules of engagement” in everyday life.

Goddess Birth Signs

Pre-dating astrology are the ancient gods and goddesses of all time. Each culture had its own divine being or pantheon of deities, yet they all transcended earthly borders and time with common attributes: security, creation, power, benevolence, judiciousness, wisdom and divinity.

It is from these energies that the goddess birth signs are derived. Studying and acting according to these signs is using the art of goddesstrology.

Aussie Goddess

Aussie Goddesses are women who inspires others with their authentic selves and actions. Their work is in alignment with their true purpose, and they are someone we want to be around.

You will find an ever-growing list of Aussie Goddesses who have received this award here or via the navigation menu above.

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