Ancient Goddess, Modern Woman

In the beginning, women were acknowledged and revered as the spiritual keepers – pregnant women especially were enshrined, the gift of life being a sacred mystery. Every culture globally knew and accepted the loving rule of the goddesses. Modern women are now “remembering” their rightful place in the world… you are here at this site after all!

During my own journey I have found it comforting and empowering to look to the goddess myths and learn from their behaviours, attitudes and mindsets… when writing my stories, for example, I look to Goddess Dana – her story has been lost in time, and is a great motivation to get my words out before it’s too late!

Over time I profiled more than 50 goddesses and explored ways in which they can inspire women forging their own paths many Centuries later. If reading so many profiles all at once seems overwhelming, please subscribe to the monthly newsletter to get a handful of messages at a time that will, at the time receiving the messages, seem incredibly spot on!

You can peruse the full list of goddess profiles with a summary paragraph about each, here, or simply click on the list below if you know exactly which goddess it is you wish to read more about.

This list is always growing… check back in frequently as I continue to add new profiles each week.

Blissed be,
Anita Revel


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