Aussie Goddess

In my best-selling book for self-esteem and wellbeing, The Goddess DIET, I introduce the seven goddess archetypes: Warrior Queen, Magical Muse, Daring Diva, Primordial Mother, Natural Healer, Sacred Sage, High Priestess…

No matter what archetype, this one thing is true: These women are all Aussie Goddesses!

An Aussie Goddess is someone who inspires others with her authentic self and actions. Her work is in alignment with her true purpose, and she is someone we generally want to be around.

Whether a rock star, artist, stay-at-home mum, entrepreneur, therapist, rampant faery or tv celebrity, all women who have found their purpose have a story to tell. In sharing their stories, the honesty of these Australian women will inspire you.

You will find an ever-growing list of Aussie Goddesses who have received this award, by clicking on any of the images (below).

Prita Grealy: sang her way to happiness
Who knew that sitting by herself on a local beach, crying her heart out, writing down all her thoughts, would lead to Prita Grealy launchin...
Trudy King: mum, CIO and warrior queen
How does a rough-and-tumble tomboy come to embrace the goddess? I asked Trudy King, Chief Keeping-It-Together Officer of the Animal Dreaming...
Fiona Horne: rock star and screen goddess in a patriarchal world
Aussie Goddess Fiona Horne explains how a rock star and screen goddess stays empowered in a patriarchal world…  Fiona Horne is a best ...
Roz Tilley: quintessential Circe
Roz Tilley is the quintessential goddess Circe – she may feel alone at times, but through her magical insights and healing is certainly no...
Maria Elita: coached by spirit
Maria Elita is the world’s first Psychic Life Coach and the creator of the world’s first Channelled Crystal Bed.
Nicole Graham: soul coach and business mentor
Nicole Graham was a regular corporate girl when she realised life had more in store for her.
Lucy Cavendish: sacred balance and healing
Author, witch, and all round good gal, Lucy Cavendish wrote about her five fave elements: earth, air, fire, water and spirit, for us last ye...
Yasmin Boland: moon lovin’ astrologist
Yasmin Boland has been a freelance writer for more than a decade and has contributed to publications around the world, including Marie Clair...
Leonie Allan Dawson: lovin' life
Leonie Allan is an Aussie artist, writer, photographer and leader of womens circles and retreats.
Faerie Cara: mud-covered mischief maker, faerie-liscious magic maker
Faerie greetings and merry meetings from Faerie Cara, a faerie activist, environmental spokesperson, author, international entertainer, vega...
Tara Spicer: creative goddess
Creative Goddess, Author, Meditation Coach, Reiki Master, Mother of two free range and crazy kids, Wife and Lover… Meet Aussie artist Tara...
Serene Conneeley: sacred traveller
Serene Conneeley, author of Seven Sacred Sites: Magical Journeys That Will Change Your Life is an Australian writer, healer and witch with a...
Shannon Bush: therapy via goddess stories
Shannon Bush incorporates the Goddesses in her work with both men and women as a transpersonal art therapist, and delights in sharing many G...
Hollie B: Met the goddess and became a witch
Hollie B is facing the year of the Saturn Return with such beautiful courage I wanted to profile her as an Aussie Goddess.
Charmaine Wilson – Queen of Self Belief
Charmaine Wilson is a medium and the winner of Channel 7′s “The One“.

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