Goddess Birth Signs – What is Yours?

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Goddess Birth Signs – how they began

There is something magical about looking to the night skies and seeing a million stories and portraits painted with a palate of shining stars. In fact, ever since shepherds and sailors began telling fortunes and futures based on what they could see in the stars, we have been fascinated by the myriad of stories cradled within this cascade of celestial orbs.

A belief in a connection between the cosmos and life on earth is common to all cultures and is thousands of years old. The spread of these ideas across the globe coincided with the rise of scientific astronomy. In the distant past, the interpretation of celestial phenomena and the study of the motions of the heavenly bodies were different sides of the same coin.

From royalty to the simple peasant, everyone had some knowledge of astrology. Astrology was part of the studies of all the known sciences – chemistry, zoology, mineralogy, anatomy and medicine. Everything of this world – colours, stones, plants and sounds – was associated with a planet.

Over time, the art of seeing our destiny in the stars became separated from the counting and measuring of astronomy. From medieval times, the study of the influence of the heavenly bodies on human affairs began to be regarded as a craft in its own right.

Today, astrology and astronomy have completely diverged although astrology is so deeply embedded in our culture that few people know nothing of their sun sign.

Pre-dating astrology are the ancient gods and goddesses of all time. Each culture had its own divine being or pantheon of deities, yet they all transcended earthly borders and time with common attributes: security, creation, power, benevolence, judiciousness, wisdom and divinity.

And, each deity’s energy was more evident at certain times of the year, season or moon cycle than at other times. Goddesses of grain, for example, were at the forefront of people’s focus during times of planting and harvest. Moon goddesses were revered at full moons, fertility goddesses were celebrated during spring time and in the height of summer, and other-world goddesses were honoured when a loved one passed over.

It is from these energies that the goddess birth signs are derived. Studying and acting according to these signs is using the art of goddesstrology.

Using goddesstrology gives you a new, feminine perspective on your life and allows you to further empower yourself. It doesn’t replace astrology – rather it adds another layer of meaning to what you can understand about yourself based on your birth date.

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