Money and mojo: enrich your worth and self-respect

self-worth and self-respect how to guide and money affirmationsMoney and mojo. Two issues that hit the ‘hot button’ in most of us.

And so they should – women naturally want beautiful, rewarding, enriching and nurturing relationships, and very often we strive to ensure they are all of this – 
we share our time and energy with our partners, children, extended family, colleagues and community. 

Yet, equally as often, our relationship with our-SELF may lack – we’re too tired to commit an hour a day to a hobby; we’re too time-poor to pamper ourselves regularly; we are hesitant to ask for help; and who the blazes has got the energy for love-making?…

Because we’re guilty if we put our needs first? Because we’re ashamed to feel overtly sexy and playful?

Likewise, our relationship with money is tinged with guilt and shame. Why? ….

The answers to these questions and more are revealed in “Money & Mojo”, the 2nd of the Goddess For Life: Lessons library of eBooks.

The Goddess For Life: Lessons library of eBooks contain uber-savvy life lessons that deliver the message in 10 minutes or less. No wiffle-waffle or carry-on. Just pure truth, delivered straight.

Money ~ a token of energy, exchanged to create security and foster a sense of plenty.

Mojo ~ the energy felt by a woman when she is centred, alluring and standing in her power.

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You not only have permission to prosper, it is your duty to do so!

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Table of Contents

Permission to prosper
Self-worth = self-love
Money & mojo as co-dependents
Women, money & mojo
Attract more money
Change your mind
Get in the flow
Three goddess rules for abundance
Plant a money tree
Be inspired by Sri Laxmi
Share the Love
Get better mojo
Deserve the dollars & sensuality
See beauty
Invoke Ishtar
More money & mojo
In summary

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    Tune in to the innate wisdom of your body and listen to the voice of your inner goddess – your intuition. This product is ...

Money and Money Affirmations

Money and mojo are the most powerful mirrors of a woman’s self-respect.

Financially irresponsible women often make their way through life in “survival mode”. There is no time for creativity or joy while worrying about money. They become worn out and depleted, and fall for the “I’m not worthy of more” trap.

Women standing in their power, on the other hand, live joyfully, easily, and with a solid sense of purpose. They make a living doing what they love, knowing that what they attract is what they deserve. They know that living this way is the most beautiful way to honour their divine purpose and become abundant.

In this guide you will read about ways to feel more abundant so you can experience “fullness”.

You will align your thoughts to becoming beauty-full, wonder-full, fruit-full, success-full, delight-full. You will improve your relationship with your self-worth and in turn, attract more of that which you’re worth!


I trust you will enjoy this journey into improving your relationship with money, seeing the value in your Self, and loving the improved self-worth as the outcome…

In fact, by the end of the journey, it is my wish for you that you will be able to love all of the money affirmations:

Money Affirmations

  • I have a great relationship with money
  • I have a great relationship with my body
  • I have more than enough, I am more than enough
  • I earn an income reflective of my worth
  • I am an excellent being worthy of excellent things
  • I have an oversupply to share with my family and community

money affirmations

Blissed be,
♥ Anita Revel

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