Nicole Graham: soul coach and business mentor

an aussie in hong kongNicole Graham was a regular corporate girl when she realised life had more in store for her. She is now living in Hong Kong as a Modern Goddess helping women reconnect with their spirituality in all sorts of ways. 


Anita, thank you for your inspiration and I’m so honoured to be chosen as the next Aussie Goddess.

My Connection with Spirit and the Goddess

I connected with spirit from a very young age but didn’t really know how to explain my experiences… it was just something that wasn’t discussed. I was raised as a Catholic but didn’t feel very connected to the religion; I felt there was something more out there. During my early 20’s I started to explore my spirituality but kept it to myself because I was concerned about criticism. At the same time I met with my first clairvoyant and was blown away that he said I had the ability to talk to spirit, and that someday I would be teaching in this field. Over the years, many clairvoyants would tell me this and my own experiences proved them right.

My connection with the Goddess came a little later when I bought my first tarot deck in my mid 20’s. The deck was Motherpeace by Vicki Noble, and it’s not a deck for everyone but I fell in love at first sight. The book that accompanied the deck was aptly named ‘A way to the Goddess through myth, art and tarot’. Here I started my journey with the Goddess and throughout the years she’s always been around reminding me of our connection.

I Lost my Way!

During my late 20’s I got caught up with my ‘corporate’ career in the Training and Development field. I was going through the process of climbing the corporate ladder and had let my spiritual development slow right down. Then over a period of 6 months I kept getting this nagging feeling that I needed to move on, so I did… I moved from Sydney to Melbourne. At the time, I felt that this move was necessary for my own development but once again, I got caught up with my ‘corporate’ career. There I was again busy with life; slightly aware of Spirit and the Goddess around me, but I was not paying attention.

In the end Spirit and the Goddess decided to take actions into their own hands.

Steps in the Right Direction

Another move was looming… I later realised that they (Spirit and the Goddess) were moving me out of an environment that was focused on career and into an environment that had limited career prospects. I was on the move to Darwin but before doing so I had 6 months to get my act together… I attended workshops, Goddess retreats, development circles; I started writing in my journal, playing with my cards, getting in touch with the Goddess and Spirit.

I arrived in Darwin packed full of new learning and a keen interest to discover more. By this stage I had become a Reiki practitioner as well as a Lomi Lomi/Ka Huna Bodywork practitioner. This was my chance to change my ways. I had convinced myself that I would only work part-time as a contract trainer and the other days I would practice and develop my new found skills.

16 months later I was on the move again and I realised I still hadn’t learnt my lessons. Spirit and the Goddess were at it again… I was moving to a country where English is not the first language and a corporate career in Training and Development would be difficult.

I was determined to learn my lesson this time! And this is when Anita came into my life… I was search the internet for something unique to do to celebrate getting married. I wanted something special, something that I connected with, something that allowed me to show my true self. The Goddess had once again made a connection… “here’s an opportunity to change your ways”, she said. Anita’s, Goddess Playshop did just that!

Life Now

I am now in Hong Kong. I am a small business owner, a wife, friend, social butterfly, lover, aunty, daughter, teacher, facilitator and mum to 2 furry cats. 15 years after meeting my first clairvoyant, I am all that he described and more!

Life now is focused on getting my business off the ground and introducing Hong Kong to some unique services; Goddess Playshops, Mother Blessings, Lomi Lomi and Kahi Loa Bodywork. I am also working with people who are discovering their spirituality, as well as discovering the Goddess and her many attributes.

I also have some time to do volunteer work with women, children and animals. I am a volunteer facilitator for Soul Talk, a charity that assists women in emotional and relationship crisis. I have also applied to be part of the Animals Asia’s “Professor Paws” program, whereby I’ll visit local Chinese primary schools with a registered animal therapy dog. The purpose of the project is to focus on the values of kindness and compassion for animals and responsible pet care.

My business, The Modern Goddess is still in infancy but I do have big dreams!

My Dreams

My dream is to continue to grow my business and open a community centre based locally in the Hong Kong Gold Coast area. The centre will be run by women, for women and I’d like to achieve this within five years. My vision is very clear… and I can describe it down to all the details but to give you an overview, the centre is in a village house; a place that feels safe, healing and nurturing. The centre is for all women, local and expatriates – it will bring many people together.

A final word

Over the years I’ve had some very interesting experiences with Spirit and the Goddess. They have guided me on my path and now that they’ve got my attention, I’m looking forward to my the next chapters of my life.

I know at some stage the word ‘Spirit’ will be replaced with God… that’s not too far off. I’m all for keeping the balance – the Goddess and God go hand in hand, just like Lakshmi and Vishnu, the Priestess and Priest, Ying and Yang. My spiritual development is life long and I look forward to the journey.

I hope you too enjoy your journey. Sometimes we don’t know where we are going and we don’t know how we’re going to get there but if you trust and let Spirit and the Goddess guide you, you’ll no doubt have an amazing journey.

I needed my journey to have the courage and confidence to step out into this world as me, an Aussie Goddess in Hong Kong!

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