On gratitude: 7 ways to count your blissings!

count your blessings and blissingsOn 24 May, 2009, I took a photo of my man erecting a windsock at our farm. Although it’s grainy and over-exposed I still love it, for it means so much more beyond an image of a sweaty man battling with a steel post. 

It represents gratitude, resilience, and that blessings are showered upon those who look for them.

This photo is the 731st photo in my personal gratitude project – one that I started two years ago to help me realise how lucky and blessed I really am. My self-imposed mission was to take a photo every day of something that makes me go weeeeee, then post it to my private blog with a note of gratitude.

Over the two years I’ve been immersed in documenting my daily blissings I’ve noticed:

  • Being grateful attracts more reasons to be grateful,
  • Blessings come in a million different forms,
  • My family is happy because I am happy,
  • I have spontaneous desires to dance,
  • I often smile for no reason, and
  • I’m a very lucky individual.

The 365th photo in my 2nd year of counting my blissings project

The other reason this photo is so special to me is because the windsock represents one more tiny step towards out ultimate goal to have a fly-in resort at our farm. The energy of Margaret River is beautifully restorative, and as such offers enormous capacity for healing. So it’s only natural that we would want to make this space available to others also.

The problem is, like many other couples, we’re facing the normal financial and bureaucratic challenges to make our dream come true.

Unlike many others, however, we’re able to stay focussed and happy every day during this journey, simply because we’ve learned to celebrate gratitude. We see each step as a blessing, whether it be an obstacle or a victory, because within each moment is an opportunity to learn and a reason to be grateful.

When I first started my little project back in 2007, I had no idea what was in store. I only knew that I was restless, unfulfilled, and caught up in a property boom reminiscent of the rampant excesses of the 1980s. Each time I turned on the news I was bombarded with bad news, and it was sending me into a spiral of fear. I’d heard that counting one’s blessings (which I came to call blissings) was one way to counteract the negative feelings.

It works. As a result, over two years of acknowledging my daily blissings, I have learned that gratitude is the mother of happiness, and that grace and generosity are its sisters. Living with these values, these three G-forces of love, keeps us balanced, at peace, and above all, happy.

Here are seven ways to look for your daily blissings:

  1. Look forward; smile as you walk
  2. Look behind; notice the effect your smile had on others
  3. Look east; arise early to toast the sunrise
  4. Look west; drum the sun to bed
  5. Look up; fly with the angels and soar from star to star
  6. Look down; get connected with earth
  7. Look within; be humbled by your exquisite divinity

And so, my 731st photo may be grainy and somewhat trivial, but I can’t think of anything more fitting than an image of a small step towards a large dream. For that, I am truly grateful.

And now it’s your turn… What are you grateful for?

Blissed be,

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