One-on-one Goddess For Life coaching & mentoring

Get personal attention, support and your biggest-ever fan

One-on-one time with a Goddess For Life coach (jargon for “an amazing mentor for women”) will change your life forever!

When you need objectivity, support, a sounding board and ally, a Goddess For Life coach is your answer.

How Mentoring Helped Me…

When I hired a mainstream life coach for the first time in 2004, my life changed drastically. I surged ahead with my creative projects thanks to having someone in my corner who I could:

  • bounce ideas off,
  • check in for validation,
  • empty my head of the distractions with,
  • share my ideas with that I was too scared to tell anyone else,
  • “data dump” all the shiny new ideas that were all clamouring for attention,
  • get crystal clear on my purpose…


Before our 10 sessions were up, I:

  • completed writing my first book (that had been gathering cyber-dust for five years waiting for my fear and ego got out of the way)
  • pre-sold my first 100 copies of that book (thanks to the brainstorming I did with my coach about marketing ideas)
  • got married (yep, I opened up fully to “trust”)
  • signed up an international agent to represent me
  • went on a book tour in America
  • dreamed up a new business called Goddess Playshops that got so big I had to sell it!


I was so impressed with how a coach could help me so much, that in time I became a coach/mentor myself! I knew from my very first client (“Miss A”) that my services would be invaluable…

True Story!

Within one week of starting with me, Miss A began bouncing out of bed to face each day instead of dreading it.

Within one month, she had fulfilled half of the “wish list” goals – she was eating better, socialising more, enjoying a rewarding and fulfilling new part-time job, and broadening her skills by attending art school.

And, within three months, she achieved the final “wish” on her list. She fell in love with a man exactly as she had described: the icing on her cake. As I am writing this email today, they are getting massaged to within an inch of her life in Bali.

Miss A credits this massive shift from isolation/ loneliness/ directionless directly to her mentoring sessions with me.

I would love to help you too.

Past clients will tell you I operate with sincerity, impartiality, optimism and love.

I would like to see you stepping into your goddess-ness with clarity and trust. I know you all have amazing gifts, and it is my wish for you that the world gets to benefit from them.

To book a single session, click “order now”… To get your 2 free sessions, change the quantity below to “8” and you will be entitled to a total of 10 sessions with me.

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Book me for one, two or more sessions, or try one-at-a-time until you gain enough confidence to take the big step!

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