ORACLE CARDS Affirmation Goddess: Express Your Way to Happiness

Beautiful oracle cards for the beautiful goddess within

Finally, oracle cards that are modern, relevant and 100% accurate for helping you find the perfect affirmation…

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Affirmations are one of the most effective “power tools” for intentionally bringing about positive change. This collection of affirmations by Anita Revel will help you maintain a positive mindset, override toxic thinking and bring your heart’s desires to life.

The book contains essential advice for how to create your own perfect affirmation, keys to using affirmations successfully, and tips for knowing which affirmation to choose for your situation. The affirmations are based on the seven states of wellbeing, so no matter what your situation, you will find an affirmation that is right for you.

Realise your truth, enjoy holistic wellbeing, and express your way to happiness!

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Affirmation Goddess: Express Your Way to Happiness is a gorgeous set of 60 glossy cards and 148-page book full of modern and sassy affirmations for modern women. Use your favourite affirmation to stay on track with your goals, or use the card deck as an oracle for journalling and deeper exploration.

Beautiful cards! Every card just seems to resonate perfectly! ~ Tracey Jewel


I'd give these 10 stars if I could!!! The sassy puts them over the top... way over! And the pics are both amazing and fun! LOVE THEM!!! ~ Michelle Egeler-Doetsch

These cards are so beautiful-the images are strong and stunning and the affirmations spectacular. I'm an artist, and have struggled to get enough work done due to extreme fatigue-I keep pulling out "you have all the time in the world" which gives me permission to have a rest day and then I work when I'm able without guilt! ~ Lynne Lund

Awesome. Sorry I can't pick a favorite. They're all so beautiful. Blessings to you. ~ Vivi O'Stara


Author's Note

This book contains just some of the affirmations that helped me achieve great results, on both personal and professional levels.

I crafted this collection over many 
years of practice and action. Likewise, 
it is my wish that they may help you, 
the modern woman, achieve lasting success, happiness and abundance 
in all things yummy. You will find them to be linguistically lush, luminous and occasionally a wee bit cheeky.

I trust you will enjoy using them and finding new ways to shine!

Blissed be, Anita Revel

How to Use the Book

This book accompanies the beautiful deck of full-
colour, glossy and irresistible cards. Even if you have lent your cards to a friend, or have 
them hanging from every wall surface in the house, 
you can still use this book in many useful ways.

As an Oracle

An oracle is a divination tool that helps reveal answers 
or show you ways to move forward. Use this book as 
an oracle by opening it at random on a page with an image and interpretation. Use the affirmation that resonates with you the strongest throughout your day 
or week. In using it, a deep issue you were previously unaware of may very well surface for healing and transformation.

As a Guide to Problem Solving

Sometimes we have the rosiest 
of lives but for a “pimple” on the scene. If you know what the problem is, you can go directly to the section that will help you best deal with it.

For example, if you are lacking in energy or oomph, 
go to the Affirmations for Physical Wellbeing section to become fitter, more grounded and/or more comfortable with your direction.

If you don’t know what the bug-bear is, however, 
you can either use the book as an oracle, as described previously, or use your preferred chakra-healing method to determine which of your chakras is blocked. Once you know where you are blocked, and therefore which state of wellbeing needs addressing, use an appropriate affirmation to clear the blockage.

The states of wellbeing and their associated chakras are:

  • Physical wellbeing: Base chakra
  • Transitional wellbeing: Sacral chakra
  • Personal wellbeing: Solar Plexus chakra
  • Emotional wellbeing: Heart chakra
  • Creative wellbeing: Throat chakra
  • Mental wellbeing: Third-eye chakra
  • Spiritual wellbeing: Crown chakra
  • Holistic wellbeing: All chakras in balance

As Inspiration

Occasionally you will find an image or affirmation that just sings to you. You’ll want to cut it out and keep it in your wallet, in your journal or in your office. Rather than damaging your book, permission is granted to photocopy up to five percent of this book for personal use. This means you may copy up to seven pages to stick on your mirror or pin-up board. (After that, copyright law kicks in and you may not take copies without further permission. Please contact the publisher for details.)

Using The Affirmation Cards

The affirmation cards depicted in this book are very 
user-friendly – you can use them in many ways to achieve the results you’re seeking. Here are just some ideas for how you can use them:

  • Flick through the deck and write down your very 
first reaction upon seeing each card. When you find one that resonates, work with the affirmation or 
theme until you get a result. Inverse meanings are 
also suggested in this guide, so if you have an adverse reaction to a card, aim to eliminate the negative energy.
  • Create rapport with your cards. Spend time gazing at the pictures and holding the cards to your heart. This guide offers expanded card meanings, but remain open to additional messages revealed to you via each card.
  • Pull a single card each day to answer a question, to confirm what you already know is true, or as a mini-reading. If it’s a reading, shuffle the cards and ask, “What do I need to know today?” Journal how the message applies to your situation, and act according 
to how your card and intuition guide you.
  • Healers, therapists and yoga instructors may use the cards to identify blockages in their clients. Individuals can do the same for themselves. If you “choke” on an affirmation, work with it to identify issues that need resolving or healing. 
For example, if your card relates to personal boundaries, look for signs of manipulation, abuse, disrespect, causes of anxiety, or events that disconnect you from your authentic Self. Examine ways to resolve this blockage. You may choose to work with the affirm-ation provided with that card, or choose another affirmation to resolve the situation.

Ideas For Layouts

You might also choose to lay out your cards in your favourite style. Here are some ideas to start with:

  • Simple One-Card Layout: Ensure you get a good answer by asking a good question! Make sure it applies to you and your situation, and includes a request for guidance. For example, What is this 
situation teaching me? What lesson have I yet to learn? 
Or even, How can I achieve…?
  • Basic Three-Card Layout The first card focuses on your past, the second on your present and the third 
on your future.
  • Triple Feminine Healing: Focus on your maiden, matron, maven aspects – your conditioning from childhood; major influences as you’ve grown into adulthood; and where your strengths and gifts lie 
as a wise woman and teacher. For men, work with 
the warrior, father, sage aspects.