Overcome overwhelm – coping strategies for the too-busy gal

coping strategies to overcome overwhelm with goddess kwan yin“I’m too busy to think straight!” How many times have you found yourself saying something like this? If it’s more than once a week, it’s possible you need some strategies to overcome overwhelm.

Overwhelm is the state of having your thoughts, emotions or senses overpowered by stress, worry and fatigue. 

Prolongued overwhelm leads to inertia – of being “stuck”, of feeling powerless and unable to see an easier, lighter way.

If you look at your to-do list and start to hyperventilate, I’ve got a simple solution for you… It worked for me when I wrote down my list of things to get done before packing my bag to Bali in 49 sleeps’ time

  • 7 weddings in 2 weeks,
  • finish my photography course,
  • deliver a Goddess For Life coaching certification course,
  • play in a tennis grand final,
  • join my 5 year old in her first ever fun run,
  • teach my husband how to cook for himself,
  • train my husband to get Miss 5 into bed on time,
  • join my book club group on a day’s outing, and
  • spend a month touring England…

To overcome overwhelm…

… I looked at the list and rather than caving into “overwhelm”, I just said, “Stuff it, I can do what I can, and not what I can’t.”

Or as Anais Nin put it more eloquently,

We don’t see things as they are,
we see them as we are.

Anais Nin quote we don't see things as they are

This means that we tend to view things in the context of our own personal conditioning and prejudices.

If we are conditioned to think that slogging through a list of “things to do” is, well, a slog, then it will be so.

If, on the other hand, we can change our pre-conceived notion or experience of slogging through a to-do list, it will positively affect our expectation of what is ahead.

For example, if just for one day you can train yourself to think, “I can do what I can do,” and to get through your list in order of priority, or what brings you the most joy, you will discover that the to-do list will just melt away.

As if by magic, the way will become clear
for you to do all these things and more.

Try it please, goddess sister, and let me know what happens.

It works for other things too…

This mindset shift can be applied to other aspects of your life too. Let’s put it in the context of the upcoming retreat in Bali… You might be dearly wishing

  • to visit Bali in a safe environment,
  • to gather with women,
  • to be pampered within an inch of your life,
  • to eat fresh, nutritious food,
  • to gain clarity around your personal or business life,
  • to bounce off other women travelling similar paths as yourself…

But what is getting in the way?

Write down every objection or blockage you have that’s in the way of you celebrating your divine. As you go through the list, listen to your inner voice and feel the tell-tale signs of your intuition.

Is it right that you should come to Bali? Is it helpful? Will it foster your emotional and personal wellbeing to a much deeper and satisfying level? Will you return home more energised, more capable, and more shiny than ever before?

Let the answers be your focus, rather than the list of but-but-buts.

Still in doubt? Kwan Yin is your gal

Kwan Yin is one of the first goddesses I met during a guided visualisation back in the late 1990s. In my visualisation, she showed me a picutre of the world on my shoulders. It felt heavy and oppressive. Then she showed me the world simply rolling off. I immediately felt lighter and more joyful.

What a rush!

Then she showed me leaves swirling in the wind. This was to become my trigger-image for happiness, love and light.

Now, whenever I see leaves on a tree or blowing along a path, I am reminded to simply, take the world off my shoulders to lighten up!

She remains one of my personal fave goddesses, and I encourage you to take on board some of her compassionate, loving energy and give yourself a break!

motivational quote to overcome overwhelm

How did these strategies work for you?


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