You’re invited to my new virtual home-warming party!

iGoddess has a new home – at! (Fancy that!) This is where you’ll find every single thing (well almost) ever written by me, Anita Revel, about the Inner Goddess. Yep, all under one roof. One site, one powerful resource to help you reconnect with the goddess you were born to be. 

It has taken me many months to pull everything together, so now I’m ready to celebrate. And I want you to join me in the fun! Here’s what I’m proposing…

100 giveaways in 10 days

I’m giving away books, ebooks, .mp3 downloads, ecourses, jewellery, vouchers and Goddess-ence 100% pure essential oil “Killer Kits” – 10 prizes per day for 10 days straight!

win this in the virtual home-warming party at win this best-seller in the virtual home-warming party at goddess quizzes and fun win it at

To enter, all you need to do is…

Have a little browse around the site and tell me in 100 words or less which goddess, post, product or concept you like the most, and why. Sure it’s a little challenging to keep the word count down, but I know you’re up to it!

Each time you comment or share, it will be counted as an entry. 10 prizes will be announced daily, so the more you comment and share, the more chances you have to win!

You can enter via:

  • adding a comment below using your Facebook ID;
  • becoming a member (free) and using the comments box below; and/or
  • share it on twitter using the #GoddessForLife hashtag so I know where to find your entry  

Winner announcements

I will let you know the daily winners via my blog and iGoddess newsletter.

The prizes:

That’s over $3000 in prizes I’m giving away!!

The fine print

  • Each comment, tweet or “share” is an entry, and valid for all 10 days of the party.
  • There is 1 prize per goddess, but you can ask your friends to enter and win on your behalf.
  • Winners will be randomly selected by my four-year-old pointing to the list of entrants and saying, “That one!”
  • The party opens now, but the prize giveaway commences once there are at least 1000 comments / tweets tagged with #GoddessForLife.
  • Winners have 3 days to provide me with their delivery details or their prize is forfeit.

I so look forward to hearing from you. ❤ You rock my world!

Blissed be!

9 responses to “You’re invited to my new virtual home-warming party!

  1. Congrats on your new home. It looks as fabulous as you. 🙂 I became a member of course and am now off to explore everything!

  2. Anita, I’m so happy you’re back!

    I’ve missed the weekly mails and I’m so pleased to know that the ancient goddess profiles are back. I’ve lost count of the times that I’ve browsed them, looking for (and finding) answers that resonate with me and where I’m going. An indispensable tool for modern goddesses!

    Love and light and tons of gratitude,

    Sarah xx

  3. I am also very happy that you are back and the new site looks amazing. I am looking forward to exploring in detail and looking forward to regular newsletters again.
    Thank you for everything you do. 😀
    Love Margaret

  4. The new site really looks fabulous! Easy to navigate, clean cut yet feminine! I look forward to frolicking in this virtual wonderland!

  5. Hi Anita, I love the new look of your site. I just enjoyed reading about Astarte and drew much strength from her wisdom. I have recently made some life-changing decisions that resolved a five year journey of learning through illness. This has been a very challenging time in my life but with the wisdom learned from Astarte, I have been able to access my inner Goddess wisdom and strength. I am now able to see the gifts within the struggle and have grown into my own truth. The Goddess within has been awakened.

  6. Faerie smiles Anita. Love your new look website! I always love receiving your bursts of inspiration and sunshine, through your e-mails. I loved the 7 day charkra workout e-course, and all the fabulous information sent to me in the e-mails about each Goddess. Everything you offer is an abundance of creative love for the soul and guiding us to nurture the Goddess within ~ I thankyou for being the sunshiny Goddess you are ~ Faerie Nicole

  7. The ‘inner Goddess Manifesto’ was inspirational! I enjoyed every word of wisdom, and the raw beauty that allows us to look inside ourselves to discover our Goddess within. It comes at a time in my life when I needed it the most and to find my way back to my sunshiny self ~ thankyou Anita ~ Faerie Nicole

  8. wow this is amazing love the bit about the individual goddesses and the Goddess time section so many amazing things to read, your site inspires me and makes me feel like i am an amazing person and deserve wonderful and amazing life 🙂 thanks for unleashing my inner goddess HUGS xxxxx – Leah

  9. goddess by name goddess by nature, you helped me when i was looking for a break, when i was down and needing direction. thank you and good luck with the new website. LOVE. maggie (margaret)

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