Princess For a Day; Goddess For Life

guide for bride, shine on your wedding day and forever afterBy all means be the “princess for a day” on your wedding day. (It is every bride’s right to do it her way.)

But read this guide in full before your day – it will show you how to remain connected with your inner goddess  during the trials and chaos of planning a wedding – and for every day after.

Foreword by Anita Revel

As a Civil Marriage Celebrant, I meet all kinds of brides. Relaxed ones, excited ones, calm ones, panicky ones, ones that believe in serendipity and ones that micro-manage every moment leading up to their big day.

As unique as each bride is, however, there is one common trait they all share as it comes time to walk down that aisle – they are all acutely aware they are the centre of attention for the biggest, most important ceremony of their lives.

Every bride handles this attention and pressure differently. How she handles it is often a direct reflection of the type of lead-up she has had to her wedding.

Perhaps your life has been revolving around your wedding planning for the past 18 months. Or you’ve decided to elope and you’ve set the date for next month. Regardless, as your big day gets closer and closer it’s likely your stress levels and adrenalin will rise in proportion.

One purpose of this guide is to help you, the bride – the princess – “get it together” during the preparation and chaos that seems to go hand in hand with planning such a big day, and more importantly, keep it together at crunch time.

But as we will discuss in further detail, there is more to getting married than having a blast on your wedding day. There’s the post-wedding life to think about also…

This will arguably take more strength, persistence, patience and grace to pull off than the wedding itself. This is because there’s no “big day” at the end with a huge party celebrating a turning point in your lives. There’s just a daily, conscious commitment to stay in love with your spouse, to re-live your vows over and over again throughout the years, and the occasional bit of sacrifice to keep your boat afloat.

By all means embody the princess on your wedding day. It is every bride’s right to do it her way. But read this guide in full before your day – it will show you how to remain connected with your inner goddess  during the process.

This will help you will achieve a healthy transition from single life to happy wife with poise and integrity intact. Doing so will help you slip seamlessly into the life of mutual support, healthy inter-dependence and deep trust with your soul mate for life.

If you’re ready to step up and shine happily forever after, read on!

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A wedding is for a day; marriage is for life.

Whether barefoot on the beach or decked out in bling, every bride is a princess on her wedding day. It is her Big Day after all, when she gets to live happily ever after with her very own Prince Charming.

But what happens once the last champagne cork has popped and the dress is at the dry-cleaners?

Many a bride will tell you of the anti-climax – the post-wedding blues, where becoming a “Mrs” was not everything they expected.

Don’t be the bride who cried!

Beat the blues with this guide designed for every bride’s transitional wellbeing. The practical health, attitude and empowerment advice will help you breeze through the biggest ceremony of your life – and beyond!

Become responsible for your own thoughts, reactions and expectations. Learn how to “self soothe” during the stressful times of planning a wedding. And, be confident to take these valuable skills into the rest of your relationship too.

Follow “the Rules” to shine on your wedding day, and forever after!

 “This is a wonderful, light, humour filled guide that will resonate with brides to be and give them the navigation skills to build a stronger, more resilient relationship.”

~ Nic Freeman, Family Therapist

Table of Contents

Princess For a Day

The Way of the Happy Bride
Beating the Post-Wedding Blues
Attitude Rules
Self-Centering Techniques
Self-Appreciation Techniques
Self-Motivation Techniques
Body Rules
Real Food

Goddess For Life

Goddess Rules
Be Present……
Feel the Flow……
Know Thy Self……
Love Fearlessly……
Speak the Truth……
See Beauty……
Understand Bliss…


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