Quizzes, oracles, games and quirkies

Get ready to have fun, sister! Weeeeee!

goddess quizzes and funShuffle the deck, find an affirmation…

Shuffle the deck of Affirmation Goddess cards, choose three, and print your favourite! (Or the one that makes you choke! LOL)

clairvoyant looking into a crystal ballHow psychic are you?

If you guess the card Mystic Matina is thinking about, you win a point. If you are wrong, your score gets worse. Can you get 10 out of 10?

magical journey through the chakras for kids and parentsOne for the kids… (and their parents!)

Look into the crystal ball to find out which chakra energy is strongest in your child today. (Then use that as a trigger for discussion!)

find your goddess birth sign free appFind your Goddess Birth Sign

Your natural-born traits can be attributed to an ancient goddess whose energy prevailed at the time of your birth. Take this 10-second test to find your birth goddess.

chakra oracle by anita revelChakra Oracle (optimised for phone)

The oracle uses the power of your intuition to reveal answers or insights that deep down, you knew all along. It features 49 ancient goddess  stories as lessons for the modern woman.

Career Goddess

So you’ve wanted to punch the boss’ lights out when he stole your idea and presented it as his own… It’s only natural that your inner-Athena is outraged and wants credit where credit is due! Perhaps you have a different way of handling difficult situations – in which case… Which goddess energy is strongest within you at work?

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