Recording: “Ride the River” (to find your heart’s calling)

The 5th way to find (and follow) your heart’s calling — “Ride the River”… (Read the other 4 ways here) — Webinar recording

how to follow your heart's calling - webinar recording
Within minutes of “riding the river” you can determine how deeply in alignment you are with your “purpose”.

This is a popular technique I do to help my clients really tune into their bodies and make a massive connection with their heart and soul.

And I mean massive.

The connection is so strong and so undeniable, women often make this their go-to method for measuring how strongly their actions, beliefs and behaviours are in alignment with their heart’s calling.

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To “ride the river” with Anita (to find your heart’s calling) listen (and watch!) the webinar…

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This .mp4 file is a recording of the 30-minute webinar from Wednesday 26 November 2013.

In this session you can hear how I help Alice decide on which University course to choose, how Ruby gets the courage to start her own business, and how Grace makes a life-turning decision to buy a house.

And, you will be coached to "ride the river" to help you too, tap into your intuition and TRUST IT!


How this is helpful…

It is helpful for women who:

  • are at a crossroads in their life;
  • are on a path but not 100% happy with it;
  • feel like they’re in a rut and looking for something new;
  • want validation they are on the right track;
  • love receiving affirmation that they’re doing it right;
  • want to tweak their direction (even if just slightly)

I would share this technique on my blog, but it is too powerful to do it on your own without guidance. So, instead, I set up a webinar facility where dozens of women connected with me, in person, in real-time, and went through the technique with me holding their hand.

Normally my workshops are $150, but because the content of this webinar is so powerful and I really want every woman to absorb it, I’m offering the recording for $0 (or $0.99 for immediate access to the file.)

When you work with Anita Revel…

… you will dip into your heart and mind to find the answers you have been seeking for so long. You will not only awaken to your heart’s calling, but learn how to answer the call!

In this webinar, Anita will share with you a particularly simple technique for listening to your heart that you can use every day for the rest of your life!

With practice, it only takes a minute (or less!) to check in, listen and feel and know whether you’re in true alignment with your heart’s calling.

This means…

  • No more doubt!
  • No more crossroads!
  • No more wondering, “What if?”

Using practical and proven techniques for self-awareness and empowerment, we shall step onwards, upwards, and claim our goddess selves.

Working with Anita

By the end of your work with Anita, you will begin to feel more connected your inner goddess and willing to do and be the best person you were born to be.

You will get clarity, direction, amazing new energy, and be ready to shine your incredible light baby!

About Goddess For Life mentoring services for women

GODDESS FOR LIFE coaching is a fun, practical, deeply transformative and truly illuminating process with coach and creator, Anita Revel.

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