Roz Tilley: quintessential Circe

Roz Tilley geomancer and marriage celebrantRoz Tilley is the quintessential goddess Circe – she may feel alone at times, but through her magical insights and healing is certainly not lonely. She is the author and illustrator of the Tree of Life oracle and creator of its many branches. 


Lonely Beginnings

I would like to say thank you Anita for this opportunity, it has been confronting and powerful, probing to find the Goddess within. I am an only child and my life was very lonely, but in saying that, it also made me the person I am today. I love life and its challenges.

Life changing

I nursed my mother in law with cancer, and I felt very humble and honoured to be able to do this for a truly wonderful lady. This changed my life in every way, I left my marriage of twenty years, and started a personal search for my truth.

Inspiring Others

I have four children, that I am extremely proud of, who all embrace spirituality. These children and their partners have presented me with eight beautiful grand children, I teach them where possible about spirit, nature and her wondrous creatures.

Roz, the quintessential goddess Circe

I am sometimes lonely, as I believe in honesty and not everyone is ready to hear it. The goddess / spirit is my life, it is the air I breath and is major on every level of my existence. I am very fortunate that my work is all of a spiritual nature, and I am often heard telling people that I lead a charmed life.  Thanks to my connection with the goddess, I was able to channel a range of vibrational essences that relate to each of my 65 oracle cards. I have also developed a channelled healing technique to complement and interact with the cards. I draw spirit, or healing guides, to do my oracle readings, and they also inspire me in my Feng Shui and Geomancy consultancy.

Her passions

I am passionate about healing the earth, and it is said my geomancy is “sensitive and innovative”, and my techniques cannot be found in any book. I teach all of these modalities. In 2005 I was registered as a Civil Marriage Celebrant and I find it so fulfilling to create ceremonies encompassing all types of people, beliefs and celebrations.

Her dream

My dream is for every god and goddess on earth to live life to the full.

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