Sacred & Savvy Goddess workshop series

You are invited to get sacred & savvy in this series of goddess workshops

Get a life coach for a fraction of the cost, and get your life’s key aspects in order!

It takes a lifetime of conditioning to keep you stuck, but just three sessions to break free, step up and shine your incredible light baby!

The Sacred & Savvy Goddess workshops are gentle, practical, deeply transformative and truly illuminating sessions with Goddess For Life coach and creator, Anita Revel.

Limited to 6 participants per workshop, you can join other spirited women to rally your intention to live life more meaningfully, more purposefully, with more energy, know-how and pizzazz.

Together, using practical and proven techniques for self-awareness and empowerment, we shall step onwards, upwards, and into our goddess power. We shall claim our strong, respected, wise, authentic, sacred and savvy Selves!

This 3-part workshop series hosted by Goddess For Life coach and mentor Anita Revel, will address issues surrounding your:

  • health
  • heart
  • hip-pocket

By the end of this workshop series and investment in your future happiness, you will feel fully connected your inner goddess and willing to do and be the best person you were born to be.

In just three sessions, you will get clarity, confidence, direction & sensational, new-found energy!

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Workshop Content


Did you know that 75% of women have unhealthy relationships with food and their own bodies? Many of us prefer to whip up short-cut meals or eat-on-the-run due to our busy lives? And that 60% of us report poor sleep patterns due to stress? You will no longer be one of these statistics by the end of Day 1. In the first morning of workshopping we will:

  • name the roadblocks that have prevented you from thriving;
  • explored practical measures to move on, towards a more radiant body that you love;
  • played with various techniques for boosting self-appreciation and respect;
  • identify easy and healthier ways of living including a step-by-step implementation plan.

This is “physical wellbeing” taken care of. Along the way we’ll also encompass mental, spiritual, and emotional health. The benefits from this work include:

  • a desire to jump out of bed to face each new day
  • a renewed appreciation for the miracle of your body
  • confidence to dress and behave the way you really want to
  • an infectious, adrenalin-surged feeling of optimism that comes with self-respect
  • an incredible, almost instantaneous energy lift that comes with choosing freedom


What is it that makes your heart sing? What life purpose shall we discover your heart has been trying to follow (if only your head didn’t get in the way)? Is there a relationship that you’re wishing to manifest? A project you’re wishing to birth? A way of life you’d love to embrace?

During Day 2, we will be getting out of our head and into our hearts. We will think with our emotional centre rather than our logical one, and via this process will:

  • address old beliefs that have kept you stuck;
  • take first steps and practical measures to move towards an optimistic and brilliant future;
  • apply various techniques for listening to your heart and take realistic action towards achieving your dreams;
  • identify easy and enriching ways of living including a step-by-step implementation plan that align with your heart’s desires.

The benefits of doing such work include:

  • a sense of satisfaction that “all is well” in your world;
  • a return to your centre, and a steadfast belief in your core values and beliefs;
  • a bubbling sense of optimism welling up inside you as you understand your vision can become reality;
  • pure satisfaction that in honouring your passion you are creating a legacy;
  • a natural willingness to do more and be more to bring meaning to your life.


Why is it that women are leading the way in setting up small businesses, yet 95% of us don’t crack the 6-figure earning capacity? In fact, many women have a “day job” to support their quest for financial independence via a passion they love.

For those women that are employed, they may find they are soldiering on, juggling the children, domestic affairs and their work life, while their male counterparts enjoy more money for the same job and less complications. It just doesn’t seem fair!

The answer to abundance and enjoying an enriching work-life could be as simple as formulating an excellent marketing plan for your own business. Or perhaps it’s a deep-seated poverty consciousness that needs to be kicked to the curb. Who knows? You will by the end of our Day 3!

I believe it is so important for women to overcome age-old embedded habits of “lack” in order to achieve financial wellbeing that we will dedicate a little extra time to this subject today. We will get into our “business head” and logically, realistically and powerfully take mastery of our hip-pockets. During our session we will:

  • overcome deep-seated programming designed to “keep us suppressed”;
  • undertake reprograming from “poverty consciousness” to an “abundance mindset”;
  • identify resources that will help you on your path to financial independence;
  • develop sound financial goals for your immediate future;
  • put into place achievable action steps to achieve these financial goals.

From doing this work, and remaining open to the abundance of good being made available to you, you will benefit in many ways. You will:

  • feel a sense of pride in your self-sufficiency, leading to oodles of self-respect;
  • inspire your goddess sisters to strive to ramp up their own businesses;
  • see unlimited choices now that you have unlocked your willingness and ability to be “rich”;
  • know how good it is to put abundance into the pockets of your sisters, colleagues and community-at-large, which in turn puts abundance back into yours.

Energy Exchange

The workshop fee includes

  • Coaching time with Anita;
  • Personalised success statement exclusive to you;
  • Three sessions of workshopping with Anita and no more than 8 participants;
  • All workshop materials and resources;
  • A follow-up group coaching session (by Skype) 30 days after the workshops so we can all celebrate our collective “wins”.

Conditions of Booking

Release of Liability

When you book and pay for your spot in any workshop by Anita Revel, you automatically agree and hereby release from liability and to indemnify and hold harmless Anita Revel, any member of the Goddess For Life team, Now Age Enterprises, and any of their employees or agents representing or related to them. This release is for any and all liability for personal injuries (including death) and property losses or damage occasioned by, or in connection with any activity or accommodations for this event. In attending the Sacred & Savvy Goddess Retreat and/or Goddess For Life Certification Course, you further agree to abide by all the rules and regulations promulgated by Anita Revel, and to take full responsibility for your own actions. You can agree to this condition of booking and release of liability by proceeding to payment.

Refund Policy

There are no refunds up to 3 days prior to the start of a workshop series. Between 4-14 days prior to the event starting we offer a 50% refund. Between 15-28 days we offer a 75% refund, and 100% for a cancellation made more than 29 days before the event.

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