Screensaver: 7 Goddess Rules

free screensaver for the career goddess

This free screensaver is yours – all you have to do is download and install to be reminded of the Goddess Rules for awesomeness.

How this screensaver helps bring magic to your day

Just like hanging an affirmation on your office wall, positive words and beautiful images help you consciously come back to centre.

When the 7 Goddess Rules gently glide across your screen, you are reminded to remain connected with your beautiful goddess-y goodness no matter what situation you’re in.

For example…. when you see the message to:

  • Be Present
    … You can get out of your worry-head and into your grounded goddess shoes. You can consciously tell yourself that “even though I’m in a tough spot now, it will be OK when I come back to a state of presence – of being here and now rather that in the sorrows of yesterday or the worries of tomorrow.”
  • Feel the flow 
    … You can remind yourself that sometimes it’s OK to lose control. You don’t have to control everything. It’s perfectly fine to step into the flow of “what will be will be” and voila, creative, emotional and abundant energy begins to flow.
  • Know Thyself
    … You an be proud of your Self and your actions in all your aspects. Feeling guilty, manipulated or unsure? No more! When you know yourself — the shadow side too — pride replaces shame, power replaces being used, and trust replaces anxiety or fear.
  • Love Fearlessly
    … You can foster mutually fulfilling relationships at all levels — at work, with friends, at home with flatmates, kids or a partner… You won’t be taken for granted because when you invest energy into a relationship with integrity, truth and respect, the love is returned with equal joy.
  • Speak Your Truth
    … You can stop worrying about asking for that pay-rise, or delivering bad news to your team… You can be confident that your truth is a beautiful thing, even if you expect it might be hard to hear. Truth sets your people (and you!) free!
  • See Beauty
    … You can see that really, “despite all its sham, drudgery and broken dreams, it is a beautiful world.” (From the Desiderata.) You can escape the toxic-thinking loop and instead choose to see how much freedom you really have. Freedom to trust your intuition, freedom to choose simplicity, freedom to “smell the roses”, and freedom to enjoy the resulting peace of mind.
  • Understand Bliss
    … You can 0pen yourself to the little rituals and beliefs that bring you deep, relaxing, rejuvenating peace of mind (ergo peace of heart). You will be able to take five minutes (guilt-free) to meditate or nana-nap, enjoy a cup of tea, or read oracle cards… Whatever it takes to bring you into a worry-free state of pure, easy bliss.


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