Selena’s Crystal Balls, a Magical Journey Through the Chakras

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Selena's Crystal Balls is a full-colour illustrated delight that takes you and your child on a journey of the chakras – the energy centers that rule every aspect of your life. Share this journey together to increase feelings of security, creativity, empowerment, love, communication, vision and joy. 

red chakra safety and securityThe story is designed to help children achieve balance, awareness and increased self-esteem by introducing them to imagery and colours related to chakra energy.

orange chakra for kids play fun

The journey through the colours of the rainbow introduces children to the seven key aspects of life – security, creativity, empowerment, love, communication, vision and joy.

green chakra for kids love feeling loved and safelight blue chakra for kids able to express themselves and be understood

The story offers room for discussion about each essential aspect so that parents and children can connect in new and enriching dimensions.

indigo chakra for clear thinking and understanding

Parents, carers and teachers are invited to read the story aloud, illustrate their experiences in a journal, or use it as a bedtime meditation to send children off to a carefree sleep.

purple violet crown chakra to help children sleep

By encouraging children to visualise aspects of their life relating to each chakra, parents are helping them achieve physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual balance in their lives.

There is a section in the books for Parents, which includes tools and suggestions for different ways to heal and balance chakras – eg by using symbols, a Chakra-at-a-Glance guide and discussion topics.

5 Reason why this book is so fabulous...

1. It's appealing to boys and girls...
The stunning illustrations by Teodora Sirko draw the reader in to Selena's magical world of crystal balls, colours and chakra energy. Girls especially love the "princess-y" feel of Selena, while boys typically love the colours and how they make them feel.

2. It encourages conversation...
At each stage of the journey, Selena asks the reader a question along the lines of "what does this colour / chakra mean to you?" This prompt offers parents and teachers the opportunity to open dialogue with children about their inner thoughts and feelings.

3. It's good for grown-ups too
A "grown-ups" section at the back of the book gives parents and teachers the "inside edge" on how to ask questions, explore issues related to each chakra, and the chance to record their experiences.

4. It's educational
While the story fires the imagination and sense of fun, children are also learning about the energy of colours and how chakra energy manifests in daily life. They are gaining trust in their self-expression skills and enjoy a deeper connection with their parents and teachers.

5. It's unique
There is no other book on the market that acts as a catalyst for discussion between children and the adults in their lives, about chakra energy.


Last week I shared your story of Selena’s Crystal Balls with my nephew Jack who is five. He loved it and really connected with the messages. He has always been around bush flowers and crystals since he was born and was very fascinated to learn the positioning and colours of the chakras.

With gratitude and thanks, continue your great journey. Karen

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