Self-Publish & Prosper – Get a Polished & Professional Book the First Time!

Anita has self-published 17 books, and isn’t afraid to admit it took her 10 times to get the formula exactly right. In this workshop Anita takes participants step-by-step through the publishing process so they will avoid all the mistakes she made, and end up with a polished, professional product the first time! 

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So, you have dreamed, drafted, created and re-drafted your first book. Congratulations! As the author of 16 books myself, I know the elation of holding a finished, treasured manuscript in my hands. But some would argue the real work is yet to begin, for a manuscript is still but a manuscript until it is published into a book.

Every author has several options when it comes to publishing. I know this because I've tried them all…

You can write dozens of pitch letters to various publishing houses around the country or even the world.

You can apply to literary agents to represent you, and if you're lucky have them return your call. Or,

You can take responsibility for your own product, branding, success and destiny by self-publishing.

From setting up your own "self-publishing brand" to having a finished product ready to launch world-wide, this 2-hour workshop will cover...

•  The pros and cons of self-publishing, and how to avoid the pitfalls
•  The 10-step process of self-publishing and flourishing
•  The 11th commandment and how it makes or breaks your book's success
•  Tips for branding and registering "you" and your work
•  Distribution options, both in stores and online
•  Launching your book - celebrate your first of many sales

Whether your manuscript is unfinished or complete, fiction, non-fiction, a memoir, a cookbook, a collection of poems or a family tree, this workshop will give you invaluable tips for preparing your work so that you end up with a polished, professional product.

This workshop is very hands-on – to get the most out of it, it is recommended you bring:

•  Your work-in-progress, whether it is still in draft form or a finished manuscript
•  Your questions – the workshop is interactive and there is Q&A time
•  Cash (or credit card) for the various goodies which will be on sale
•  An open mind and heart – you could walk away with a publishing contract!



I've been working in publishing for over twenty years both behind the scenes and as a writer, and thought I knew well how the entire process works. But Anita Revel's workshop opened my eyes to the ways self-publishing! It provided inspiring, practical information for me, and taught me some new lessons. For anyone wishing to self-publish their work, I absolutely recommend this workshop as a vital step to knowing and understanding what it is you are entering into. I truly believe Anita can help save you a great deal of heartache, money and time-wasting trips into the many pitfalls of publishing. With her help, you'll know HOW to create books that will help you publish, and prosper!
~ Lucy Cavedish

What a breath of fresh air was Anita Revel's "Self-Publish & Prosper" and "Marketing for Authors" workshops. Loved Anita's personal sharing of her personal experiences and sooooo appreciated her candour in sharing the pitfalls. I highly recommend this event to anyone serious about getting their message out to the world, and welcoming prosperity into their lives.
~ Simone Matthews (Universal Life Tools)

"Bloody brilliant!" Anita's veritable wealth of knowledge was shared with passion, conviction and from the heart. The information is motivational, user friends, and suitable for every writer from the novice to the seasoned writer. Highly recommended.
~ Tanja L'Veena (Bundaberg)

Hugely informative. Overflowing with all the insights prospective self-publishers need.
~ Elizabeth Bezant (writing coach)

I found today valuable and useful and will be implementing your strategies ASAP. Thank you.
~ Annie Clark (author of 15 published books)

An insightful and informative workshop! Anita guided us through the self-publishing process in an honest and encouraging manner. I highly recommend this to anyone thinking of writing or creating their own works.
~ Debbie Bozicevic-Mewes (author of the Reluctant Psychic)

Anita gets right to the point. If you want to get your book out there the right way and prosper, then Anita's seminars are essential.
~ Kathryn Keenan (Hervey Bay)

Anita de-mystifies what can be an overwhelming journey for a first-time author. Practical, informative and delivered in an easy-to-understand format to get you started, FAST!
~ Melissa Visco

I found Anita's workshop very helpful and valuable. Going through the steps was very informative, and Anita's presentation was so genuine and from the heart, I will go home now and start implementing the steps.
~ Judi Mason

Great information to help you get started with practical tips to make your dream a reality!
~ Pauline Ryeland

Anita's "Self-Publish & Prosper" workshop was very insightful. It has given me a whole lot of food for thought and some tools with which to approach my work.
~ Michelle Hooper

Thank you Anita so much for the Self-Publish and Prosper / Marketing for Authors (Glebe, NSW) yesterday. It was inspirational, challenging and very exciting. If you are a Author or even thinking of creating a book, then you NEED to attend Anita's seminars. They are a fountain of information. Thank you again!
~ Marisa Vanderhout

If you've ever written something and dreamed of seeing it in print, do yourself a big, happy favour and attend, or buy, Anita Revel's self-publishing and marketing workshops. Her experience is invaluable and delivered in a way certain to inspire. She is someone who wants people to succeed and shares the power of working together to create prosperity.
~ Susan Marte

Anita's workshop is wonderfully informative, inspiring and encouraging for all would-be self publishing authors and creators. With her wealth of tried-and-tested tips and strategies, you'll come away with a pad full of ideas and directions to get you started. Best of all, her authentic and ethical approach gives you complete confidence in her methods, leaving you feeling, "I can do this!" Thank you, Anita.
~ Gemma Summers

Hi Anita thank you for the wonderful workshop on Saturday in Glebe. I really enjoyed it and it's given me a good direction to head in from here. Thank you so much, you are very inspiring. Namaste.
~ Nathan Ho

Thank you for sharing your experience and for being personable, real, encouraging, informative... thanks for being so genuine and supportive - your personality shines through, and it is really apparent that you have done a lot of work!
~ Alexis Aw

Thanks Anita, I learnt a lot. The workshop is very information-rich and inspiring, and has given me lots of ideas to continue with and implement.
~ Megan Fraser

Having thought about creating an Iris-Folding paper craft book for a long time, coming along to Anita's course has both inspired me and provided a wealth of knowledge to put into practice. "Self-Publish & Prosper" is a great course, and I thoroughly recommend it to all budding and current authors.
~ Deb Wilson

Very informative about preparation for writing books, formats and publishing.
~ Kathy Poultney

Very helpful and gave clarity to all that is involved. It has given me the confidence to proceed.
~ Della Boys

So worthwhile doing this workshop. I am inspired and just want to learn more and get things happening. Anita, you are so informative and knowledgeable!
~ Dianne MacLeod

Thank you so much for the practical and inspiring workshop you ran last night. I am grateful four your offer to share your expertise and I have NO DOUBT that we will work together in the future. I love that you have one foot firmly planted on the ground but that the other floats, allowing dreams and visions to become reality.
~ Lee Reader (Perth)

Group Bookings

Anita is more than happy to attend as a guest speaker for writing groups and authors aspiring to self-publish a quality, professional product. Details follow:

• Groups between 6-10 attendees: $97 per person, or $147 per person when bundled with the "Marketing for Authors" workshop

• Groups 11-19 attendees: $970 per group, or $1470 when bundled with the "Marketing for Authors" workshop

• Groups 20+ attendees: $1450 per group, or $2200 when bundled with the "Marketing for Authors" workshop.

Fees include GST, but do not include travel, refreshments, venue hire or other expenses.

Minimum Order 6 units

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