Shannon Bush: therapy via goddess stories

shannon uses goddess stories as part of her creative therapyShannon Bush incorporates the Goddesses in her work with both men and women as a transpersonal art therapist, and delights in sharing many Goddess stories and seeing the Goddesses light up in others. 


A Goddess Thanks

Firstly I want to say a very Goddess thank you to Anita for ‘discovering’ and supporting the Goddess that I am and for inviting me to share my Goddess self. It is truly a Goddess gift!

Goddess in Training

From a young age I was interested in mythology, legends and all things historical and found the stories of ‘ancient ladies’ to be the most fascinating. I was inspired by their never ending strength and purpose, often in environments where the feminine was not overly welcome and supported. I developed a strong love of nature and all living creatures, became interested in healing and ‘alternative things’, learnt to love the moon and honour her gifts and discovered that the owl is my closest animal guide. Lastly and most importantly I learnt that it was important to honour my own creativity and not to try to ignore something that was compulsive in me.

As a young adult I travelled extensively and used this time to experience many more life lessons. I began to develop a greater understanding of myself through my experiences and through my continued passion for history and creativity. I had studied Nursing and worked in many places with people from all walks of life, each experience providing another step towards my living my life’s dream and fulfilling my purpose. Along the way I was blessed to be introduced to the concept of ‘art therapy’ and began to feel that this was the answer I had been looking for to fulfil my personal dream of empowering creativity in others by allowing them to experience their own creativity in a supportive and nurturing environment. Little did I know that the Goddess had more for me to learn before this dream could become a reality.

Discovering the Goddess in Archetypes

After returning home from my travels one of the things I did was to commence study of Archetypes which renewed my interest in the Goddesses and Gods. I identified things about the Goddesses and even some Gods within me that I had always innately known and learnt of the light and shadow aspects of those strongest in me such as Athena and Artemis and even a little bit of the God Apollo that I am also proud to admit makes up who I am. I was delighted to discover that archetypically I was also a natural Priestess. This explained the part of me that loved nature, all living creatures, healing, working with others during times of transition and change, my own inner wisdom, creative expression, crystals, herb-lore and ritual and opened up a beautiful feminine example of the worship of all things Goddess. During this journey of the archetypes I was able to learn ways to bring out the best of my own Goddess nature and was reminded that to do this meant to be continually working towards being as authentic as I can be, as often as possible.

So with Athena’s strength and Artemis’ determination and the love of every other Goddess I have ever had the privilege of getting to know I continued on my path of authenticity and enrolled to study Transpersonal Art Therapy. My lifelong dream of being able to share my creativity with others in a way that brings out their own personal creativity was taking a new step forward.

The Creative Goddess as ‘Creative Possibility Coach’

I have always loved working with people and am now honoured to have an endless array of wonderfully creative tools at hand as I practice as a Transpersonal Art Therapist, or Creative Possibility Coach as I prefer to be called. I work from my home studio which allows me to have my own Goddess support tools at hand in an environment that celebrates all things Goddess. You don’t have to look far to see my paintings of Goddesses, the many owls that adorn my bookshelf, Goddess cards, candles, crystals, Goddess statues from many places and cultures, Goddess inspired music, beautiful inspiring gifts from wonderful Goddess friends and family and numerous books that support my passions in life.

I have naturally incorporated the Goddesses in my work with both men and women and delight in sharing many Goddess stories and seeing the Goddesses light up in others. I run a variety of different workshops and also offer private sessions for individuals or couples. No creative or art experience is necessary to gain benefit from art therapy. All you need is a sense of fun and adventure. It is important to note that you also do not need to consider yourself in need of therapy to work with an art therapist either. The majority of my clients and workshop participants are everyday women, men and children who just want to tap into their creativity. One thing I can guarantee is that you will be surprised at what you will gain on a personal level by opening up to your creativity.

I recently developed an exciting workshop series for women that I have called Goddess Creativity. It is designed to welcome a number of different Goddesses into participants’ lives in an explorative and creative way. During each of the 5 sessions of 2 and a half hours duration we talk through the stories of a few Goddesses, reinforcing the gifts each Goddess has to offer through personal creative exploration. The Goddesses we work with come from a variety of different backgrounds and offer a varied cross section of stories, all of which I believe relate to women in today’s modern world. For example during one of the weeks we look at Goddesses from Africa, South America, Ancient Greece and the Celtic tradition. I work with a wide variety of mediums and encourage you to be adventurous and bold with your expression and use of colour. The only limitation you really have is yourself. All groups are limited to just 6 participants which encourages the supportive and nurturing environment I aim to offer at all times. Being creative does not mean being able to paint or draw. It means being able to express yourself in many different ways, each of which makes you the artist of your own life. I have always maintained that every person has an inner artist and I am inspired every time I meet someone new in my practice and have this re-affirmed over and over again as I am privileged to be a guide and support in their creative discovery. It is beautiful to see what someone has hiding inside them and how it comes out when they dare to take the chance to express creatively.

Future for the Creative Goddess

I am excited about the future, about expanding my workshops and continuing to welcome the Goddess into my life on a daily basis in such a way that I hope to inspire the same in as many others as possible. The next step in my story is to ensure that I am continually in a position to be able to empower all people and particularly my fellow women of all ages to live creative expressive lives. I believe that we have lost many of the values of ancient traditions that saw women support each other and I see the workshops I offer for women as a way to bring back ‘women’s circles’ where we can join together, support one another, learn and create. The Goddess has helped me to do this for myself and I know she has a lot to offer anyone who dares to take up her challenge of being adventurous enough and brave enough to do the same.

I look forward to sharing a creative experience with you soon and welcome you to contact me to talk further about Goddess Creativity. For further information about what I offer and to learn more about Transpersonal Art Therapy I welcome you to visit my website . The Goddess would be proud of you for doing so!

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