Soul Music (play your own)

Here’s something frivolous yet beautiful to bring a smile to your face and a shimmy to your soul… Click on a square, then another and another… I dare you to stop at 10! Enjoy making this soul music machine sing, sister!

Have fun goddesses!

Listening to music is good for you soul music

Why listening to “soul music” is good for you

Apart from smell, no other sense triggers soul memory like sound…

A few strains of a favourite song will instantly transport you back to a time and place where you first heard the song, or when it became significant to you. A familiar riff will trigger you into singing at the top of your voice. A relevant line or chorus will rally your spirits and absorb your thoughts and emotions for the duration of the song.

In all cases, the mind stops listening to the inner voice – the clutter of the hundreds of voices that play on loop inside your head every day.

The job lists, the worries, the regrets, the hopes, the self-doubts, the self-lectures… Instead, the mind drops everything to listen to a few notes played out in beautiful construction.

Try it – create your own soul music above and time yourself to see how long before your mind returns to the “busy-ness” of each day.

Even if you only last five minutes of blissing out, tuned into melody rather than melodrama, that’s five minutes of battery-charging you’ve given your soul.

To construct your own original piece of soul music, simply breathe deeply, and begin 🙂

Shine on sister, and blissed be!

Love, Anita

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