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Inspirational, intuitive, ingenious inner Goddess = iGoddess

I first started exploring goddess spirituality in the late 1990s, fascinated that such an abundance of inspiration, stories, myths and role models existed. Where was the sacred feminine in the school curriculum when I was growing up? How much I missed out on, learning only the patriarchal view!

I subsequently embarked on countless hours of research, applying the lessons to be gleaned from the goddess archetypes to my own life. Astounded at the positive turn my life took as a result, I began pouring my learnings onto a website called Goddess.com.au.

13 years on, and with a circle of more than 25,000 women a month visiting the site from all around the world, I realised that being a goddess can’t be confined to a geographical location. So, I moved the site to iGoddess.com, from where we shall continue to grow, share, smile and coax our sisters to also step into their gorgeous goddess Selves.

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