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7 Day Bootcamp for Brides (Amazon)

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Every bride wants to shine on her wedding day – she's spending a lot of money for a beautiful dress, photographs and lifelong memories, after all.

But in all the chaos leading up to a wedding, it's easy for a bride to forget about her health. Soon she has blotchy skin, black bags and fingernails bitten to the quick. Bad habits emerge as she resorts to carrot sticks, coffee and champagne.

Stress levels rise, tempers shorten and high hopes plummet. Don't let this be you! Help is here!

This guide will help you regain your awesomeness in just seven days. Simply follow the rules and tips to go from stress hag to glowing bride. Stick with the rules and you'll keep your gorgeous glow for the rest of your life!

The ideas and exercises outlined in this program have been developed by professional nutritionists, fitness coaches and motivational experts, so you can be sure it's the most practical and safe program for you as the bride-to-be. In the next seven days you'll discover:

* The four keys to a healthy body for life;
* The foundations of great nutrition and enjoyable exercise;
* An attitude adjustment - goodbye fat frump, hello glowing bride!
* Permission to rest and recharge.

Tone it, burn it, bring it - feel fit, focused and fabulous on your wedding day!

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    Every bride wants to shine on her wedding day – she's spending a lot of money for a beautiful dress, photographs and lifelo...

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