Tara Spicer: creative goddess

a beautiful self portrait of tara spicerCreative Goddess, Author, Meditation Coach, Reiki Master, Mother of two free range and crazy kids, Wife and Lover… Meet Aussie artist Tara Spicer. 


Who is this Goddess and who is this girl?

There is a true ‘self’ that exists within each of us, that lies quietly beneath the demands and distractions of daily life. In my case, this ‘true self’ is the vibrant and vital woman who is completely in tune with the divine light of the universe.

She easily hears the loving guidance of her angels and guides. She knows that she is on the right path. She offers to all an open heart and warm hands, she sings out loud, she plays the guitar and she dances… flowing and growing with every beat of mother nature’s song. She swims naked, she eats from the earth, and she can stare at the moon for hours, feeling nothing but completeness.

When I see this woman in my mind, she has long flowing red hair, she is wearing a long white dress that clings and flows with an air of confidence, her bare feet are naked and strong in the earth’s delight. She is balanced and she is in harmony with all around her and the openness and love of her heart center expand beyond the bounds of time and space.

I have always been in touch with this woman, this Goddess and have always had recurring dreams of her from a very young age.

The Creative Goddess was born

In my twenties, after a dedicated journey of following my heart, I was working offering healing massage, meditation coaching, crystal healing, readings, dabbling in art and practicing as a Reiki Master.  It was around this same time, that I realised that the woman in my recurring dreams, my Goddess, is actually me!

Upon this realisation, there was a great shift in my self- awareness and I realised that she IS my higher self. She is the ‘ME’ that I can connect with and be on a daily basis! She IS the ME that I have come back to share with this world!

A short time after this realisation, I entered motherhood.  I was overwhelmed by the incredible strength and compassion of all the new mothers surrounding me. And from that moment forward, my eyes were opened to the profound awareness that within every woman is an incredible Goddess.

I Began Expressing This Truth

I began expressing this truth through my art and felt compelled to accompany every painting with divinely guided, worded wisdom along these same lines and affirmations.

I believe that this is my gift… my gift to myself, and to all women. With my words and my art, I am able to remind and inspire each of us that the path we are on, is one of great spiritual connection and that within each woman lies a great Goddess and that this great Goddess, is our ‘true self’.

My gifts to this world

Everything that has happened in my life has led me to this great passion that I am now unleashing… to guide women in realising their own self-discovery and empowerment through art, through the written word and through mentored birthing as they enter motherhood! I believe that these are three powerful means through which women can initiate great realisation and change within themselves and their lives.

So it is to this end that I am a very busy little mum and between nappies, wet beds and daily demands… I can be found painting into the wee hours of the morning, co-writing our Journals For Empowerment, and designing my own books and products to reach, to inspire and to empower every woman that I can in this life!

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