The 7 Goddess Archetypes

Looking at the ancient goddesses as role models is a fabulous way for each woman to develop the self-love and appreciation for herself as a woman standing complete in her power.

Acknowledging the strengths of each of the archetypes and witnessing these values within her self, each woman becomes able to validate the shining light of her own inner goddess. 

The goddess archetypes are as follows:

Warrior Queen

History is saturated with the deeds, ingenuity and strength of Warrior Queens: Greek goddess Athena, Celtic queen Bodicea, Egyptian pharaoh-queen Hatshepsut, Elizabeth I, Marie Antoinette… the list is as endless as it is inspirational. All these queens share common attributes of resilience, poise, self-assurance and a dynamic presence.

Warrior queens have unshakeable trust in their abilities to lead. Without hesitation they are prepared to stand up for their rights and the rights of others who rely on them for security. They forge ahead despite (or because of) obstacles. They carve their own path and lead by example. They stay balanced in times or duress, and connected to their traditions and sources of inspiration whether they be at war or in peace. They are in tune with their physical body and respond to threatening situations rationally. And, they are deeply connected with Mother Earth and humanity.

Magical Muse

Magical Muses are the goddesses that rule over creativity, self-gratification, abundance and the feminine divine: Ishtar, Venus, Aphrodite, and the nine daughters of the Greek goddess Mnemosyne… they show us how to creatively, emotionally and sexually connect with others with respect and fluidity.

The magical muse is able to accept change gracefully. She openly and readily releases any need to control external forces. She can step into the flow of life whilst maintaining her sense of purpose. She has a magnetic aura and her body confidence is alluring and sensual. As such, she loves words like succulent, curvaceous, juicy and divine. In the aspect of abundance, the magical muse naturally attracts that which is exactly right for her. She asks for what she deserves and gives herself permission to receive it. She relishes beauty, embodies grace and attracts both attributes with ease.

Daring Diva

Any goddess or patroness that inspires you to step into your own personal power is a Daring Diva: the Greek maiden Persephone, volcano goddess Pele, Babylonian goddess Lilith and moon goddess Artemis are just a few role models.

A daring diva is able to present her stunning and glorious Self to the world whether the world likes it or not! She is absolutely real whether she is performing on stage in the lead role, supporting from back stage or simply content to be relaxing in the audience. She rises above superficiality and allows her authenticity to be her guiding force in decision-making and her actions. She is intrinsically connected to her intuitive Self and she is readily able to marshal her personal power for her highest good. She knows that anxiety and ‘butterflies’ that sit in her belly is simply her inner tigress preparing her for success.

Primordial Mother

Mother love is arguably the strongest, most enduring love of all. Kwan Yin, White Tara, Mary and Demeter are just some role models who exemplify mother love in their bottomless, timeless and unconditional love for their children.

The primordial mother embodies love, compassion and trust. All these attributes are a two-way street for her – as happily as she gives these gifts to others, she receives them back unto herself. She never, ever allows herself to accept second best because she knows that in order to shower love upon others she must be ready to accept it in equal measure. The primordial mother revels in her self-respect, self-love and self-appreciation. Her inner child is a reflection of her perfection. Her heart is open and willing to trust. She thinks love; she is love.

Natural Healer

Words have the power to hurt as well as to heal. In order to use words wisely, call on one of the many goddesses who rule over self-expression and healing: the Irish queen Dana, the butterfly goddess Hina, Hindu goddess of prosperity Sri Laxmi, or the Welsh goddess Rhiannon.

The natural healer is able to choose her words wisely to facilitate understanding. Her shared insights are precise, astute and relevant. She is able to seek and accept help, ask for abundance for her highest good, and make her point without aggression. She understands that her expressions manifest in exactly the way she describes. She aids effective communication between the genders, the young and the old, the experienced and the novice. When she speaks, she is heard. Just as easily, when others speak, she listens. She is often clairaudient in that she senses or hears (and heeds) Angels and other spiritual beings.

Sacred Sage

“Know thyself,” says Shakespeare, as do the many goddesses who rule over the domain of self-reflection: the Egyptian goddess Isis, the Celtic goddess Brigid and the wise woman, Hecate, for starters. They teach us to trust our innate wisdom and to allow that wisdom be our guide.

The Sacred Sage is readily and easily able to move on from petty issues. She opens her vision to see the Big Picture, and that is what is important. She lives in a state of clarity because she is able to release negative elements that no longer serve her: self-judgement, self-criticism, self-scorn. She regularly unclutters her life, both physically and mentally, and enjoys the liberation that comes with being in a state of ‘simplicity’. She has regular bursts of epiphany, relishes symbolism is grateful for the many miracles that present themselves to her every day.

High Priestess

Call the connection to the realm of bliss what you will, but there comes a time when everyone seeks a connection to Spirit, Universe, God/dess, Angels, and so on. Goddesses that preside over self-knowledge and cosmic connection include the Welsh goddess Cerridwen, Egyptian goddess Nuit, and American Indian weaver of life, Spider Woman.

The high priestess is able to see herself as a minute organism in the ways of the world, both in the physical and non-physical planes, in the present and the future. She is a cosmic traveller, time expander and a sacred vessel for divine expression. She believes in disconnecting from the world every now and then in order to travel to a spaceless, timeless place of all-knowing. Intuitively and effortlessly, wisdom, understanding and spiritual knowledge are her gifts. She knows her calling and honours her destiny. Everyday matters don’t concern her as much as the divine wellbeing of all living creatures. She is the gateway to the answers that lie in the great beyond. Prayer and ritual put her on a spiritual high that transcends earthly concerns.

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