The importance of gathering with women

If you feel you’re only functioning from the eyebrows up, get thee to a gathering with women!

Whether it’s a goddess workshop, sacred retreat,  women’s circle or a Wild Woman Weekend, any event that connects women in a safe space is invaluable for a healthy state of being. This is by far the most beautiful way to awaken the heart, body and soul. 

In fact, such activities are vital to the mental wellbeing of women, according to Leonie Young, CEO of beyondblue: the national depression initiative.

With the erosion of the traditional family structures and the surge in single women and working mothers, such gatherings can replace the traditional support systems a partner and family would normally have provided.

“Women who remain isolated are at greater risk of developing depression,” says Leonie. “Meeting other women for fun and enjoyable activities not only boosts motivation, it provides a social environment for them to communicate and problem-solve. Ultimately this leads to an increased sense of belonging, reduced isolation and empowers them to deal with whatever life throws at them.”

A survivor of depression myself, I’ve learned that self-empowerment doesn’t have to come through self-help books and dreary seminars. I use lots of easy and fun methods to help women connect with their ultimate source of power – their inner goddess.

I believe we all have the right to live a happy, empowered, spiritually fulfilling life, which is the compelling reason I created the “Goddess For Life” coaching programs to bring magic back into women’s lives.

A Goddess For Life coaching session allows women of all backgrounds to explore their weaknesses, strengths, psyche and soul. Women remember that they are beautiful and powerful beings capable of achieving great things.

In time, I will expand these services to include an Inner Goddess Mastery event… It doesn’t matter what your race, religion or culture is – the energy created by a group of strong, creative and compassionate women creates a new, all-powerful set of guidelines to live by.

I have had all sorts of women attending my events in the past – pouting priestesses, boardroom babes, earth mothers, Amazon women. Every woman should have the opportunity to connect with self and others to create a magical and fulfilling existence for herself.

Do join me as we weave a merry dance back to self-ownership and actualisation!

Blissed be,

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