Trudy King: mum, CIO and warrior queen

trudy king is mum, cio, and warrior queenHow does a rough-and-tumble tomboy come to embrace the goddess? I asked Trudy King, Chief Keeping-It-Together Officer of the Animal Dreaming team. 

Pssst Trudy is also the ‘warrior queen’ to the ‘king’ of Animal Dreaming – Scott Alexander King. Scott nominated Trudy as an Aussie Goddess, saying “She truly is my goddess and I love her with all my heart.”

Awwwwwww, I’ve got goose bumps! :-)


Hi Anita Thank you for inviting me to be an Aussie Goddess. What an honour.

Ever since I was a little girl I have had a strong relationship with the Goddess, despite never following any particular Goddess-oriented path. As a child I was a rebel. I bucked the system and intentionally did everything the opposite way to how others said girls should act. I was a girl who hated pink and dolls. I even avoided other girls who loved pink and played with dolls. To me, they were pathetic and shallow.

I loved to play rough and tumble with the boys. As a ‘tom-boy’ I was teased and avoided … and all because I loved mud, footy and punch-up fights. I loved being alive and honouring everything that life represents.

As a teenager, I was told that girls who didn’t want to become hairdressers could look forward to futures as dental nurses or secretaries. I knew, however, that such a life was not for me, so I decided to go to University. But it wasn’t until I hit Uni that it all began to make sense.

I decided to explore Humanities and major in ancient philosophy where, among the pages of the Greek epics I was studying, I realised I wasn’t weird or different. As I studied, I met and made friends with girls like me … warrior sisters who knew that life offered more than cupcakes and aprons. I no longer felt alone and detached from other girls. I found others like me. And, in them I found myself and, within myself, I discovered Athena.

I can honestly say that my relationship with the Goddess has always been one of inherent closeness, awe and respect. I realised at Uni that Athena had always been there, in all that I did and in how I acted. I now look upon her (in several different forms) as an extension of myself; as part of my family or circle of friends.

When I call upon the Goddess, I do it naturally, instinctively – just like I would an ancestor spirit or family member who has passed over. I do not practice any rituals or ceremonies to celebrate her. I speak from the heart, and almost (and probably a tad arrogantly) expect her to be there.

I have always felt her presence and have always acknowledged her and honoured her in practical, tangible ways.

I named my dog, who shared my life several years ago, Athena, for example. It just made sense to honour the one constant in my life in such a way – and besides, such a name was an act of rebellion against those who said a dog like mine should be called ‘Crystal’ or ‘Angel’. My dog was my closest friend, and so when I named her Athena, I was also acknowledging my connection to Spirit, my power ally and my self as a woman.

The goddess Athena’s powerful, warrior spirit has helped me deal with many of the trials and tribulations that life has dealt out; she has given me the courage to face my fears, the resolve to see things through and the inner knowing to trust my intuition and to follow my dreams. She also helped me to find true love, acceptance, inner peace and my innate creativity.

Now, as a happily married mother of two, successful business owner and woman, I can honestly say that with Athena’s support I know there is nothing I cannot achieve, no mountain I cannot climb or plan I cannot aspire to bring to fruition.

I have also discovered that being a true woman calls for a bit of ‘tom-boy’, after all, warrior women must be intuitive, passionate, protective and strong, and I like to believe I embody all these qualities … and more!

I only hope my daughter doesn’t shun her warrior spirit, which is as strong as mine ever was … but I guess if she is anything like me, I have nothing to worry about!

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