Walking the talk: how Goddess For Life coaching skills helped me

Proof how the Goddess For Life coach certification program helped me, personally, achieve a dream

In November 2012 my son told me he was going to England to play cricket. To become a professional cricketer was a dream he’d held since he was 12, so to see him taking this first massive step in his career was beyond exciting. Within minutes, I’d phoned my travel agent and booked my plane tickets to England for May 2013.

Well… I was tested with so many obstacles between November and May that there were times I didn’t think I’d ever get on that plane. Unexpected bills, family commitments, broken promises, work commitments and miscommunication… You name it, I faced it.  

However, I had one powerful advantage… I was equipped with all the tools, skills and techniques from the Goddess For Life coach certification program to help me.

When I did finally get on that plane, I was jubilant… I had all my affairs in order, a beautiful au pair to keep the household running in my absence, a shiny new camera, a slew of happy clients wishing me the best, and (importantly), my husband’s blessings.

(That last bit took me the longest to achieve, but it felt the best!)

I was so happy, I even crossed a comfort zone and made a video (!) of me in North Yorkshire, talking about my experiences and how the Goddess For Life coach certification program helped me…

Three reasons why this certification will help you too…

 1. It will get you out of your own way

That little inner critic – you know her, the voice that says “who do you think you are?” and other such toxic things – well, the course gives you techniques for “sending her to the basement”…

You’ll be able to recognise when Little Miss Saboteur gets to work, and you’ll have tools on hand to manage her. You’ll be able to “get out of your own way” and easily stay focussed and on track for achieving your dream.

In my case, I was becoming overwhelmed with the list of things I had to do before I left. In applying my coach tools to myself, I was quickly and easily able to get over my panic, and get back to feeling excited for what was in store.

2. You can use the tools and techniques on your family, friends and colleagues too

Sometimes when we’re faced with a barrage of objections we get thrown off balance. We lose focus of what’s really important because our vision is blurred by other people’s comments.

In my case, my husband was in the habit bringing up a variety of reasons why I shouldn’t go. The were valid reasons in his eyes, but thanks to the techniques I teach in the coach certification course, I was able to stay on track, stay resolute in my decision to go, and maintain equilibrium when responding to his concerns.

Further, together we were able to explore his fears. This ultimately left him in a positive mindset at my departure. I had tears in my eyes when he expressed his support and pride in my ability to honour what was right for me (and therefore my family).

3. It will give you the fundamental skills and resources you need to be a competent, authentic and trusted life coach to clients

The Goddess For Life coach certification course is delivered in face-to-face workshops (approximately 12 hours), or online (with 4.5 hours+ of audio files and a comprehensive 90+ page manual).

As such, the content is concise, practical and infinitely beneficial to life coaches, teachers, mentors, team leaders, personal fitness trainers, doulas…

In fact, it is perfect for any woman who wants to expand her range of inter-personal skills, problem-solving skills, client support skills and build her all-round dream-come-true super powers.

The course is made of the following 8 modules, which are delivered either in face-to-face workshops, or online for your self-directed study at home:

  • GFL101: Introduction to “Goddess For Life” Coaching
  • GFL102: Skill: Developing Rapport
  • GFL103: Skill: Good Listening
  • GFL104: Skill: Good Questions
  • GFL105: Skill: Motivation Mechanisms
  • GFL106: Tools: Goddess Power Tools
  • GFL107: Process: The Coaching System
  • GFL108: Process: Marketing


coach certification "Goddess For Life" level 1 online courseSTEP 1Sign the MOU and subscribe to the annual fee of $49 (via PayPal). You will be returned to the course delivery page.

STEP 2: “Register” for your preferred delivery method and pay the training fee.

(Students choosing the online training method’s materials will appear in their download manager upon payment.)

Thank you? Thank me too!

I have spent the last two years putting this program together… So while I’m thanking you for seeing the benefits and taking steps to advancing your own range of empowerment skills and tools, I’m thanking me too for having the courage, fortitude and willpower to stay on track to achieving yet another dream.

Blissed be!

Anita Revel


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