What do you love about yourself?

hooray i love my selfBlodeuwedd is a Welsh goddess whose beauty is said to be skin deep.  We know that true beauty comes from within, but did you know we are also allowed to be beautiful on the outside? Be proud of your assets!

What do you love most about your Self? Is it your 1000-watt smile? Your fun-loving and sassy self? Is it that you notice and thrive on the natural beauty all around you? Or perhaps it’s your commitment to goddess / Spirit and everyone around you?

Whatever you love about your Self, whether it be inner or outer beauty, be proud to share! Let’s get an insight about what it is we luuuuurve about ourselves!

One response to “What do you love about yourself?

  1. I love my eyes, I love the colour. I also love that I can hide my feelings behind them and also show my feelings when I want to.

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