What not to wear (Dress like a goddess!)

Do you know the TV makeover shows – “What Not to Wear” and the like? Do you watch them with a critical eye, wondering how the “before” version of the woman could get any more awkward and guileless? Or do you love watching how the show hosts identify the woman’s inner beauty and find ways to let that shine on the outside? 

Through strategic suggestions for grooming and dressing, the woman is coaxed to step from a place where she is invisible, to a place where she steps into her glorious light.

She shuns the inner critic that has ruled her life, and embraces the new beauty she now sees in the mirror. She has literally shape shifted into a radiant being of self-confidence and self-respect.

Here is what I wrote about grooming in my book, The Goddess DIET.

Paying attention to your hair, fingernails, teeth, breath, body hair, moisturising, make-up and perfume is all a part of successful grooming. I’m not saying you have to dress up and make-up every day to be beautiful. Rather, choosing clothes to suit your shape, brushing your teeth and shaving your legs are all acts of self-love.

Whether you shave or not; apply make-up or prefer au naturale; wear tailored suits or flowing gowns; it doesn’t matter… what does matter is that you dress with intention and be conscious about how you present yourself.

Taking care of your body and presenting it as healthy is caring about the goddess within. In other words, embody the goddess to be empowered and enlightened in mind, body and spirit.

When you practice respect for your body and your image, it naturally attracts respect from others. As well as making you look good in the mirror, proper grooming makes you feel good about yourself too.

When you feel good, the shift in your attitude is practically tangible. It’s easy to walk taller, speak with more confidence and act with more grace. Take note as the Universe sends you more blessings to help you succeed – career gals get pay rises, students win their debates, athletes win more races and mothers get more hugs. Yay for all of this!

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