Wish-Love-Luck Locks (includes shipping!)

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Width: 38mm
Length: 70mm
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Love locks, love-heart locks, wish locks, luck locks, or simply old-fashioned padlocks… whatever you call them, using a padlock is a symbolic gesture of everlasting commitment to your promise.

These love-heart-shaped locks can be used for:


The story goes that once a couple close a padlock together, just as the lock cannot be unlocked, nor can their love and commitment to one another. If the padlock comes with a key, the key is tossed into a river (or ocean), or tied to a helium balloon and released during the wedding ceremony. Read more about this tradition at YesIDoWeddings.com

Making a Wish

Many of us grew up with the tradition of blowing out all the candles on a birthday cake for a wish to come true. Or reciting a poem upon spotting the first star of the evening. But the power of the wish wanes with the drifting smoke and as dawn approaches. Using a padlock when making a wish is forever – for as long as the padlock remains where you snap it shut, so will the power of your wish.

Attracting Good Luck

"Men of action are favored by the Goddess of luck," said American businessman and financial advocate, George S. Clason. When you're hoping for good luck, don't merely sit back and "hope". Take positive action towards ensuring your good fortune, and secure a lock with a promise to your commitment to achieve such luck. You could even engrave that promise on the back of these locks to cement your intention forever.