Yasmin Boland: moon lovin’ astrologist

moon astrologist yasmin bolandYasmin Boland has been a freelance writer for more than a decade and has contributed to publications around the world, including Marie Claire, She, New Woman, Playboy and  The London Evening Standard. But before she became one of Australia’s most loved astrologists, she was a beer-guzzlin’ party gal. What happened to turn her around? 


As you can imagine, all my friends see me as a total Woo-Woo person — here I am a fulltime astrologer, working publicly on my psychic abilities — only yesterday a friend came over for an energetic healing session in which we read her cards and I worked on her chakras, asking Archangel Michael for help.

But it wasn’t that long ago I was a cigarette-smoking, beer-drinking party girl/journalist. It was only after doing a GRUELLING tv job in London that I decided I needed to have some kind of tool to help me cope with stress – I learned how to meditate and that totally changed my life.


I was raised a Catholic and always had a strong connection to Spirit and Jesus (and still do) but had many issues with the Church which stopped me from really blossoming spiritually until I found meditation.

A few years after studying meditation, I connected with a Chakra expert on the Internet — I was in Sydney and he was in the US, but he taught courses in Switzerland. So I made sure I was there to do his course in Chakra Healing. It was one of those times when I felt so excited, like I was hearing my calling — this happened to me with writing as well, when I was a teenager.

So I did the course and I can see now why Spirit directed me to do it — because Chakras are the portal between life here in the 3D world and the spirit world.


I started to write more about healing in my journalism work, sort of coming out of the closet as a bit of a New Ager. I wrote about the benefits of meditation and dabbled in alternative health writing – eg: about St Johns Wort and so on, when these were still untried and untested ideas in mainstream magazines.

The next giant leap came for me when I went to interview Deepak Chopra, Louise L. Hay and James Redfield in the US – I got to spend several hours one on one with each of these luminaries and I think they rewired my brain – Deepak in particular.

And then a few years ago, I went to India, to the home of the Divine Mother, in a small town called Malaikodi — narayanipeedam.org  — which was the start of my Goddess quest.


And that has been my journey so far, long may it continue! I asked Deepak Chopra once what he thought the best thing to do is, if you want to invite Spirit into your life every day and he said to meditate. I would agree with that, and add “light a candle” and just say hi to your Angels and God/dess.

Yasmin x


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