You are enough

I woke up yesterday with yet another flu. It’s not fair – I’d only recovered from another flu a week earlier. To make matters more stressful, our landlady called to say she’d sold our house and we have two weeks to find somewhere else to live. 

“Dear Goddess,” I said in frustration, “I’m unable to work because I’m ill. I am forfeiting thousands of dollars on my investment in the Mind Body Spirit Festival in Melbourne this weekend. I’ve spent a whole day on the phone trying to find somewhere to live that is clean, affordable, and will take a dog. I’m near the end of my tether here. I’m ready for a change of fortune.”

I closed my eyes and let my prayer drift into the cosmos. Emptying my mind of worries, for the time being at least, I allowed myself some space for peace. In that quiet moment of “be-ing”, of simply sitting in a space of zero expectation, this is the answer that drifted back to me.

you are enough - message from goddess

Whatever is happening in your life today, it’s OK… It is enough that you are here, that you have done the best you can with the resources on hand.

Be proud of yourself; you have done such a great job – coping, striving, moving onwards and upwards. Your husband adores you, your children rely on you, and your dog just thinks you’re the ants pants.

For today it is enough that you have your family to laugh with, food in the fridge, money in your purse and non-creaky knees – goddess knows a woman is only as young as her joints.

Please be gentle with yourself today… you are doing the best you can with what you have available to you. Spend the next minute giving yourself credit. You are stronger than you think. You can change anything you want – your mind, your thoughts, your tack, your attitude. You can do anything, even this.

Once you have filled up on a healthy dose of self-approval and understanding, forward this note onto anyone who you think could do with the reminder that they too are brave, resourceful and enough.


Feel free to comment below: what would you would like to hear the most right now?

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